2024 The focus of the science and technology industry: Apple's status may not be guaranteed

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Phoenix Technology News On January 2nd,突发新闻 Beijing time, as of the end of 2023, Apple continued to hold the world's most valuable company's throne with a market value of nearly $ 3 trillion.But in 2024, it may lose this position.

In 2011, Apple surpassed Exxon Mobil for the first time and became the highest market value company in the world.For more than ten years, Apple was almost synonymous with the world's most valuable companies.During this period, iPhone has always been Apple's "cash cow."

Vision Pro still takes time

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook is also actively expanding the company's business and released the Apple Watch watches, AirPods headphones, HomePod speakers, and further enriching service services such as music, streaming videos, and games.

Vision PRO

In 2024, Apple has a new product that has attracted much attention. It is the first hybrid reality head wearing device Vision Pro.The well -known apple analyst Guo Mingzheng said,Vision Pro is the most important product of Apple 2024.At present, VISION PRO is already mass -produced and is likely to be released at the end of January or early February.

However, the initial supply of Vision PRO is limited.Guo Mingzheng pointed out that Vision Pro's shipments in 2024 are expected to be only 500,000 units.Whether it can become the next consumer electronic star product, user response is important.In addition, VISION PRO is priced at 3499 US dollars (about 25,000 yuan), which is three times the most expensive product of competitors META.

AI backward

However, there is still a strong trend: generating artificial intelligence (AI).In 2023, global companies are scrambling to lay out of generation AI, and have launched their own large language models.However, by 2024, the generation AI will face a severe test of whether it can achieve a large -scale popularization.

This is the current shortcoming of Apple.So far, Apple has been slow in the layout of the generation AI, and has not allowed the market to see it use the generative AI to strengthen its services.In the face of this pressure, Apple may have to disclose more AI plans at the Global Developer Conference in June.

Apple's AI layout is slow

On the contrary, this is precisely the advantage of another old American technology giant.Microsoft seized the Dongfeng of the generation AI, scattered the leader of OpenAI, the leader of the AI field in the field of AI, and quickly integrated the latter technology into its own products.Moreover, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella quickly shot and ended Openai's farce of Sam Altman, which resumed the company's business.

Great supervision

Since the EU's first survey on Google's anti -competitive behavior, 13 years have passed. Large -scale technology companies have hardly been punished by other major antitrust except for fines.

However, this situation may change in 2024.The U.S. Department of Justice has sued Google to pay tens of billions of dollars to Apple and other opponents to require the latter to use Google search by default on its equipment.This year, Judge Washington will make a judgment on this century antitrust case, which may change the structure or operation of Google.This may also affect Apple.

Apple market value is only 7% ahead of Microsoft

At the same time, the European Union will begin to take measures to implement its new "Digital Market Act", which aims to break the control of the key areas of digital activities in the key areas of digital activities.For consumers, this may lead to more choices in digital services.However, for investors, after experienced a sharp rise in scientific and technological stocks in 2023, this year may face serious risks.

At present, Apple's market value is US $ 2.994 trillion, which is only about 7%higher than Microsoft's $ 2.795 trillion.If a wave of AI can help Microsoft bring higher software revenue and boost the Azure cloud computing platform, Microsoft may become the new most valuable company in the technology industry.(Author/Xiao Yu)


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