The baseball stadium swinging Qian Nengle stage play a chess player, one Li Liao 3-1, Guanhang, Taro reset the head of the head of the head of the head of the three crowns

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Original title: Baseball Stadium Dangqiu Qianlele Stage played a chess player,Current Affairs Liaoning 3-1 Guanhang VAT of Taro reset the head of the head of the head of the three crowns

The 5th to 4th innings of the 49th Tianyuan Finals in Japan, on October 17, November 22, and December 6th in Sapporo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Hyogo County, the first game.One Li Liao, which was defeated, connected to the three cities, challenged Guan Hang Tai Lang in 3-1. After being taken away by Guan Hang Taro in 2021, he "revenge" and "reset" after two years, becoming a chess sage, Tianyuan · Ben YinfangTriple Crown.Japan's Tianyuan Champions champion of 12 million yen (about 580,000 yuan).

This year's Tianyuan battle started from the first round of the game. He defeated Su Yaoguo, Hong Shuangyi, Jingshan Yutai, and the challenger of Two Tianyuan starts in the last session.During the game, the veteran Yangwei, the second round of the year of the 60s of the Yosaka Naoto defeated Zhang Xu and the nearly half of Akiyama Nauro eliminated the Zhiye Tiger Pill., Xu Jiayuan.

Fuji Tomota (right), born in 1991 (right), became a Japanese star in 2013 with the newcomer Wang Zhan champion, but ten years of silence.It is a highlight moment.

On October 17th, the Emicia Hotel in Sapporo, Sapporo, Beitao, Beihai, was the referee.

During the second game, two players visited the famous Escon Field baseball field in Hokkaido.

The professional contest champion is basically the Guan Hang Taro, which was robbed from the hands of Liao Liao, once has a "hard -handed" meaning. He has long occupied the best profit in the second game, but the robbery in the rehearsal is not accurate, and it changes.After a half -eyed victory (Black 197), the wrong collapse was wrong, and the score was equalized, which also changed the trend of the challenge.

After a long time after a long time, the third game moved to the "Daoming Park Nengle Hall" in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture on November 22. It is undoubtedly a rare experience to play on all the Energy stage of the Tochigi structure.

There is no one in the Grand Theater. Only the lights on the stage lit up, and the two were sitting on each other, reminiscent of the far -reaching artistic conception of "Xuan Xuan".

It may be infected by the environment. The two players chess elegant, and the white Guan Hang Taro supported the middle abdomen, but quickly exposed the nature of the paper paste lanterns.Soon the ground, only 135 hands, signed the alliance under the city.

Guan Hang Taro Morning Tea in the third inning: strawberry cake, orange juice.Both of them ordered this one afternoon tea.

After the game, Yiliao Liao and the female chess player Mao Lulu (left) who served as the interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation of the recorder ate ramen on the streets of Fukuoka.According to Mao Lu, Guan Hang Taro took another team to eat a skewers.

After another half a month, on December 6th, I came to Xinan Road Hotel in the city of Junku County.

In the fourth inning, Guan Hang Taro morning tea: strawberry cream cake, orange juice.In the afternoon, Guan Tianyuan ordered the same copy, and the extreme love for strawberry cakes runs through the finals.

In the fourth inning, Liao Morning Tea: Lemon Island Lemon Grapefruit Cream Cream Clason Chocolate Biscuits with blueberries and orange juice.

Guan Hang Taro Lunch in the fourth inning: Five sashimi, shrimp buckwheat noodles, oolong tea.

The fourth game has a strong Liao Liao lunch: Fan Road island seafood noodles, ice black tea.

In the fourth game, Liao afternoon tea: fruit platter (orange, blueberry, musk grapes, raspberry, kiwi, melon), ice coffee.

In the fourth inning, Guan Hang Taro was lonely and abandoned the belly white dragon in the upper left big horns. It was very exciting. However, in AI, it was not difficult to rule by White.


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