When a barista meets the coffee farmer: a collision of the Unicom industrial chain

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  Wei Yuhang is Express informationa sophomore student of the School of Tropical Crops of Yunnan Agricultural University. He likes "grinding beans" and "drinking coffee" on weekdays. He has participated in the training and examinations of baristas in the school, but he has never seen coffee trees.In a coffee brewing competition, he met Lu Tianlan, a coffee farmer with 18 years of coffee planting experience. The collision of a Unicom coffee industry chain injected a new vitality into Yunnan Coffee.

  Recently, the second Yunnan Pu'er alpine coffee picking festival was held in a coffee manor in Pu'er City. 50 barbalists and 50 local coffee farmers in Pu'er launched a coffee picker and brewing competition.

Bakers and coffee farmers are brewed coffee at the competition site (taken on December 15).Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiong Xuanang Photo

  The barista and the coffee farmers partnered together to pick fresh coffee beans in the coffee field, and cooperated to complete a cup of coffee on the spot.Through on -site exchanges, the barista can understand the planting process of coffee, and coffee farmers can learn how to taste coffee.

  In the picking season of Yunnan coffee in December, the full grain of coffee fruits glowed in the red luster in the sun.Lu Tianlan patiently taught how Wei Yuxiu, who walked into the coffee land for the first time, picked coffee beans. "Picking fresh coffee beans cannot be anxious, and he wants to pick big red beans one by one. Such coffee fruit is qualified."In less than half an hour, two people picked 3 kg of fresh coffee beans.

  In the field, coffee farmers shared the experience of planting coffee with the barista. At the scene of the coffee brewing competition, the barista passed on the understanding of coffee to the coffee farmers.

  "Coffee is tolerant and can carry a lot of flavors." Knowing that his partner hadn't drank coffee, Wei Yuxiu grinded the Jasmine Tea that Lu Tianlan usually loves to drink with the Pu'er water washing coffee beans he brought.Boil a cup of high mountain special "tea coffee".

  Lu Tianlan took the cup of coffee with the barista, and also learned that Wei Yuhang observed the color of coffee in the sun and the aroma of coffee.A good cup of coffee requires both the craftsmanship of the barista and the quality of coffee raw beans.

  "After this cooperation, I have a new understanding of the quality of coffee beans needed by baristas and consumers. In the cultivation and processing of coffee, we still have a lot of improvements." Lu Tianlan left Wei Yuhang's contact information, Invite him to visit the coffee manor she worked in the winter vacation to experience the whole process of coffee planting, processing and roasting.

Batluspers, Wei Yuhang (left) and Cafenon Lu Tianlan (right) made coffee (taken on December 15).Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiong Xuanang Photo

  Yunnan is one of the main producing areas of coffee in China. As the concept of boutique coffee has been promoted in the industry, the baristas have penetrated into the fields, and the coffee farmers have lifted the coffee cup to learn the taste.The coffee people on the industrial chain communicate and collide with each other to cultivate better Yunnan coffee.

  The Aimon Lv Tianlan's Ai Coffee Manor has signed a contract with the World Coffee Giant Starbucks to build a coffee processing plant in Pu'er City, Yunnan Province.

  After the game, Wei Yuhang gave the remaining coffee beans to Lu Tianlan.Like many coffee farmers at the scene, Lu Tianlan also decided to start learning brewing coffee, "what taste of coffee you planted."(Reporter Xiong Xuanang.


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