Get the "Auro Basketball Action" to help children round basketball dreams

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  The一线资讯 "Aurora Basketball Action" of the gain has recently caused heated discussion ...

  In Longmen Township, Meigu County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, there is a group of "back basketball teenagers" who love basketball.They love basketball.However, the school venue is potholes and cannot meet their needs of practice and competition.Shan Road, go to the "away" competition of Brother School.

  Just after the Yi New Year this year, the children received a special New Year gift -a "Aurora Blue" stadium, a ball uniform and basketball equipment designed for children.In the new stadium, they ushered in their own home. The back basketball boy composed of Galler Primary School and Erma Qian Elementary School also had their own team name- "Red Tiger Boy" team.Team.Children offensive defense, exquisite passing, breakthrough layup ... Every little figure who is struggling is shining.

  This is also part of the "Auro Basketball Action" in the object of the object, which aims to help children who love basketball in the country to realize basketball dreams.

  The new stadium, the ball uniforms and basketballs wearing the children this time are donated by the design of the object app, which combines the climate terrain, local culture, and children's creativity in the mountains.On December 10th, at the stage of completion of the stadium jointly organized by the Getty APP, the Liangshan Public Welfare Promotion Association, the Liangshan Gale Elementary School, and the Ermaqian Primary School, the local children said: "I look forward to our school's playground into a basketballThe field, so that someone came here to play with our team. Now the teacher who won the matter has repaired a new stadium. When the blue sky shines on our court, it has formed a beautiful painting. This is the most beautiful I have ever seen.The scenery! "


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