The Cologne Cathedral becomes a terrorist attack target German police arrested 3 people

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  On December 31,时事新闻 2023 local time, the German police confirmed that they arrested three suspects who planned to perform terrorist attacks on the Cologne Cathedral in New Year's Eve.

  Frank Visbom, director of the Cologne Police Department of Western Germany, said at a press conference held on the same day that the three suspects planned to use a car to attack the Cologne Cathedral.The sniffed dog searched a underground parking lot in the cathedral.

  The Cologne police had previously received a report that the extreme organization "Islamic State" was planned to launch a terrorist attack on Christmas or New Year's Day holidays.The local police immediately strengthened safety alert measures and arrested a 30 -year -old man on the 24th.

  Visbom said that the investigators found that three suspects were related to the man on the evening of the 30th and arrested the three people in the three cities in Duisburg, Heerner, and Narwani, which were close to Cologne.Essence

  Police did not explain the identity of the three suspects or whether there was a criminal department.

  Visbom said federal agencies are continuing to investigate the fear of the fear behind the attempted attack.

  During Christmas to the New Year, the police strengthened security measures around the Cologne Cathedral.This Gothic church has a long history and is one of the landmarks in Germany.


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