Samsung and LG exit the field of LCD TV?

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Driving China on December 20,惊爆资讯 2023. According to the Korean media DEALSITE report, Samsung Electronics was purchased by a Chinese display manufacturer to acquire the LGD Guangzhou G8.5 LCD factory with a roundabout strategy in order to obtain a stable and high -quality LCD panel supply.The production line is planned to resume full production in 2024.

We all know that on the way to display technology transformation and upgrading, Korean companies, including Samsung and LG, have formulated plans to exit the LCD field.On this session, Samsung Electronics turned into LGD Guangzhou G8.5 LCD factory, and tried to occupy a little right to speak in the LCD panel supply chain. What is going on?

Let's look at such a set of data.

According to Aviro's survey data, in 2022, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics LCD TVs global shipments worldwide shipped about 39 million and 19 million, respectively.In contrast, the total global shipments of OLED TVs in 2022 are less than 10 million units.In this regard, Rong Chao Ping, the research director of Avirorvo, pointed out, "For Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, its LCD TV shipments account for about 97%and 87%of the overall TV business."

 Data source: AVC Revo (AVC Revo)

It can be seen that even in recent years, Samsung and LG have expanded the TV product line to the high -end LCD TV fields such as OLED, Micro LED, Neo QLED, MINI LED, but LCD TVs are still the most important parts of Korean TV products business.More importantly, from the perspective of production costs, in large -scale TV product segments, TV products including OLED, Micro LED, Neo QLED, MINI LED are expensive, and it is difficult to boost the consumer market to boost it in the consumer marketUsers' purchasing power.

Who is the LGD Guangzhou G8.5 LCD factory?Unknown.However, it is certain that when the cost advantage of LCD TVs still appears, let Samsung and LG withdraw from the LCD TV field, which is completely impossible. At least now, it is still too early.


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