[Social Pioneer] Li Zaiming's on behalf of the attack, be sure to eradicate the repeatedly staged political terrorist attack

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 On the 2nd,hot topic the co -Democratic representative Li Zaiming was attacked by a 60 -year -old man in his 60 -year -old man when he visited the new airport of Cald Island in Busan.After receiving emergency treatment at Busan University Hospital, he was transferred to Seoul University Hospital by helicopter.According to the Democratic Party, Li Zaiming was not in danger of life, but the neck vein was suspected of damage.South Korean President Yin Xiyue said: "What happened should not happen," and ordered the police and other relevant departments to quickly identify the truth and support treatment.No matter what reason and the target target, violence cannot be properly turned.Especially politicians who need to contact with voters at close range, adopting physical attacks can be described as serious crimes that shake the foundation of democraticism.In the past, politicians had also suffered violence and terrorist attacks on the eve of the election.During the last presidential election, when the former Democratic Party representative Song Yongji conducted street lobbying in Xincun, Seoul, he was hit by a 70 -year -old man with a hammer and injured.The prisoner is the leftist Youtube blogger who supports the former President Wen Zaiyin's final declaration declaration. He condemned: "Song Yongji restarted the Korean and American military exercises." During the 2006 local election, then the representative of Park Geun -hye of the then large national party Park Geun -hye was at the scene of the lobbying scene of Seoul.A 50 -year -old man attacked with a knife, causing 11 cm tear wounds on his face.Former South Korean President Roh Moo -hyun and Li Mingbo have encountered egg attacks during the lobbying process.In 2015, the US ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lipott, was attacked by members of the North Group in the Seoul Sejong Cultural Club. His face and neck were stabbed and underwent surgical treatment.In the parliamentary hall, Li Zaiming supporters had pierced the police to seriously injuries.

The suspect of attacking Li Zaiming has not been found by his criminal motivation and possibility of co -consignment.However, it must be thoroughly investigated and severely punished to prevent such incidents again.And before the survey results came out, the two parties of the court should not use the incident for the election.When Song Yongji was attacked last time, a Democratic member issued a post that the power of the people was the behind -the -scenes instructions of the attack. The final investigation results showed that this was not the case.If such incidents occur again during the parliamentary election, the election will become a mess.The leadership of each party should urge supporters to restrain and strengthen the protection of candidates during the election.


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