Why do young people like the century-old world?

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What do young people like best?高速资讯 Shanghai World must be an option. Every night, there are young audiences at the gates of small theaters in the big world, lining up to enter the venue; After the show, there are often a large number of "squatting at sd point" audience at the back door of the Great World on Ninghai East Road, holding flowers and waiting for a photo with their favorite actors. The century-old world has brought a brand-new scene to the nightlife of young people in Shanghai.
Performing arts gathering: This is the place with the densest performing arts space in China.
Since this month, the traffic in the big world has increased again. Originally, the two-dimensional musical "Time Agent", which was jointly created by Tiger Hu team and Great World, officially opened its long-term performance in Shanghai Great World. This popular work of the same name, Time Agent, adapted from TOP1 in Guochuang District, bilibili, has a total animation broadcast volume of more than 300 million in bilibili Station. After the first week of performance, it went straight to the first place in the high score list of Shanghai drama musicals.
How did the big world "persuade" the hot IP to land? Xu Li, deputy general manager of Shanghai Great World, said with a smile: "It is the effect that the Tiger Hu team took a fancy to the Great World as a gathering area for performing arts consumption, hoping to perform here. For this reason, we moved the space originally used as the centennial exhibition of the Great World to this drama."
Starting this year, Great World aims at the gathering area of performing arts consumption, seeking a new round of rejuvenation and adjustment, and 22 performing arts spaces and various trend consumption formats have made a new appearance.
The adjustment of the format is mainly aimed at young people. "Now popular immersive game drama, is the world's first. We have brought together two major IPs in Mahua FunAge and Maoyan Entertainment to create an immersive game drama, which is very popular among young people. " In addition, musicals, dramas, talk shows, big world drama schools, big world city concerts, big world performing arts night markets and other performances continue, and the annual performance volume is expected to exceed 10,000. Therefore, the Great World has become a cultural landmark of performing arts with the densest performing space, the richest performing forms and the most performances in China.
Such achievements naturally make the big world a "benchmark" in the performance industry. "Performance production companies attach great importance to gathering benefits because industries can guide each other together. The Great World holds a large-scale comic exhibition once a month on average. When young people who like the second element come, they will definitely see the performance information of Time Agent. This is a big advertisement. " Xu Li said.
The hot IP chose to land in the big world, and it is the gathering effect of performing arts. There is a deeper reason why Great World is committed to introducing big IP. "The real development time of the musical market in our country is less than ten years. How can we cultivate this market? First of all, of course, it is necessary to let more and more people enter the theater. It is a good way to introduce IP that young people are familiar with into musicals. " Xu Li still takes "Time Agent" as an example. This super IP itself has many fans, and they will go into the musical market for this IP, which naturally introduces a group of new audiences to the musical market.
"In the future, the big world will cooperate with big IP every month." Xu Li said, "Great World will also open up new tracks, combine big IP with performing arts, and create more new formats."
Consumption agglomeration: The waiter who brings you wine may be a musical actor.
There is another reason why young people like the big world.
Zhu Linlin, 27, comes to the big world to "report" every week. She told reporters, "When I was a child, my parents took me to the big world to take a look at the mirror. Now, it's fun for me to bring my parents to the big world. " Since several restaurants have been opened on the first floor of Great World, in addition to accompanying her parents, she often comes here to invite friends to have dinner downstairs, then go upstairs to watch the performance, and then come down for a fine brew after the end, and sometimes she meets actors who have just finished work.
This is another gathering mode of the big world that Xu Li said-consumption gathering. "From Broadway in new york, West End to Korean University Road, performing arts and consumption are perfectly integrated. This kind of integration must be that there is a theater in consumption and there is consumption in the theater, thus innovating a new format. "
Located on the 4th floor of Great World, "A bar that is hard to satisfy" is a bar in itself, and there is a special drama for the bar every night. In addition, it is also a bar for dramatists, where writers and directors will interview actors and communicate with each other. For new actors, this may be a "step" to formally step onto the stage.
The performing arts theme bar named "tagsiu" on the first floor is an excellent leisure choice for fans to "reminisce" the script after watching the play. The peripheral products of popular plays in the big world are readily available here, and the craft beer named after plays such as The Moon and Sixpence and Novel attracts people's attention. It is also the venue for the crew meeting.
However, in Xu Li's eyes, these two modes of drama bars can not meet the goal of innovation and change in the world. In these two days, "Doomsday Bar" was newly opened in the Great World. "'Doomsday Bar' focuses on the concept of dropping the card. When the audience goes in for consumption, they may be pleasantly surprised to find that the waiter who delivers himself a glass of wine is none other than the most popular musical actor at present. The two sides chatted and took photos. " Xu Li said, "This kind of' play' is to break the restrictions of the stage and let the audience have more communication space with the card company in their minds."
Compared with the scene of "going upstairs to watch a play after dinner and having a cup of coffee after watching a good play" put forward by Great World at the beginning of the year, all this seems to be a step closer now. "If the bar is just a bar, the restaurant is still a restaurant. For young people, it is everywhere in Shanghai. And here, only the drama bar has three different' ways to play'. The drama atmosphere that young people like and the surprises they like to create in life are all in the big world. " Xu Li hit the nail on the head.
Then, what should we think of the "Shanghai World" among the "performing arts world"?
"The performing arts world is a theater group, while the big world is a gathering area for performing arts consumption. The' big world' is a unique existence in the' performing arts world'." Xu Li believes that the Great World is a mini performing arts world, and its development can serve as a model for the development of the Great Performing Arts World, just like an expert's opinion at the seminar on the fifth anniversary of the brand development of the Great Performing Arts World not long ago: "If the Shanghai Great World is done well, the Great Performing Arts World will really be done well."
Author: Shanghai Huangpu
Editor: Zhan Yue Editor: Wang Jiamin
Source: Shanghai Huangpu


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