World Badminton Federation World Tour Finals vs. Hangzhou

Current Affairs Express information

On the afternoon of November 28th,Current Affairs the press conference of the 2023 World Badminton Federation World Tour Finals was held in the press conference hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium.

The reporter was informed at the press conference that starting from 2023, the World Badminton Federation World Tour Finals will be held in Hangzhou for four consecutive years. The prize money of this competition will be increased to 2.5 million US dollars, setting a record high. The increase in bonuses means that the contestants are stronger and the competition is more intense, which is a pleasant surprise for the fans.

At the meeting, selman, deputy director of BWF events, announced the list of 63 athletes who were qualified for the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals.

In addition to the world's top badminton masters, such as Ansailong and An Xiying, the National Badminton Corps has also successfully locked in ten seats for full participation, becoming the only team with full participation. Chen Yufei, Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong's "IELTS Team" and Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang's "Liang Wang Team", who just won the China Badminton Masters, will all gather in Hangzhou.

This five-day year-end competition will provide badminton fans with as many as 75 peak matches.

The event and box office information were also announced at the press conference: December 13 -15 is the group competition, with two sessions at 10:00 and 17:00 every day, and the fares are divided into four categories: A /B /C /D; December 16th is the semi-final and December 17th is the final. On the basis of class A /B /C /D in the group stage, the ticket price for the semi-finals and finals will be added with the category of "Supreme". The lowest ticket price for Group D is only 80 yuan, while the highest ticket price for the final "Supreme" category is 2280 yuan.

Real-name registration system is the official way to purchase tickets, and each ticket can be forwarded once (the forwarding function is closed 4 hours before the start of each game). Tickets for all sessions and all price points have been launched on barley net and Barley app at 8: 00 pm on November 28th.


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