"Can't let Putin win", Bynden shouted, the United States and Europe had no power to help Wu, and the blood of Kishida smashed 4.5 billion

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With the outbreak of Palestinian -Israeli conflict,爆炸新闻 Ukraine seems to be a "abandoned child". After all, after more than a year of assistance, the United States and Europe "landlords" have no food.But the United States and Europe do not want Ukraine to lose the war, so when the United States and Europe's successor was weak, Japan came forward to prepare for a lot of money.

In the recently held Video Conference of the Seven Kingdoms Group (G7),Japanese Prime Minister Kishida announced the decision to provide an additional 4.5 billion US dollars to assist UkraineEssenceThe meeting comprehensively discussed the current situation of Russia and Ukraine and the situation in the Middle East. Ukrainian President Zelei also attended and participated in the discussion.

It is worth noting that before that, Japan had provided Kiev with more than $ 5.5 billion in assistance.In other words, as of now, Japan has exceeded Ukraine aid$ 10 billionEssence

The fundamental reason why the summit was held is that the Bayeng government could not get money to assist Ukraine at all, but did not want Ukraine to defeat the shortage of assistance to Russia.

It is reported that due to the continued fighting of the U.S. Congress, the United States' aid against Ukraine has fallen into a stagnation again.Not long ago, Yelmark, the chief of the staff of Ukraine, shouted eagerly:The United States postponed assistance to Ukraine may cause the "huge risk" of Ukraine to lose warEssence

Not long ago, when U.S. Defense Secretary Austin visited Kiev, the commander -in -chief of the Ukrainian armed forces Zalu asked the United States to ask for sky -high assistance to the United States.Including 1,700 large-caliber shells, $ 3500-450 billion in fundsEssence

A few days ago, the US Senate voting prevented the Bayeng government from proposing a subsidine aid proposal over $ 60 billion.Before the vote, the US President Biden was still asking the US Congress to ask the US Congress"Never make Putin win"And even threatened that if Russia won Ukraine, it would lead to a direct conflict in the United States and Russia.

In terms of aid, the United States is more anxious than Ukraine.After all, the United States cannot provide weapons for Kiev without paying money, and it cannot change the Russian and Ukraine War.Under the increasingly violent offensive of the Russian army, Ukraine is like a giant baby waiting to be fed. As soon as the assistance is broken, Kiev will face a "alive starvation" situation.

Worse,At the same time that the United States can't get more assistance, Europe has also retiredEssenceAmong the latest batch of Ukraine in Germany, only more than 3,000 large -caliber shells were urgently needed.The European Commission Chairman Feng Delin also admitted that before 2023, the EU was unable to deliver 1 million shells to Kiev.

Having said that, Japan added $ 4.5 billion in funds, but it was not paid in vain, and there was also Kishida's careful thought behind it.It is reported that the Biden government has always urged Japan to provide more assistance to Ukraine.In exchange for the United States' concession to the expansion of Japan's military reserveEssence

To some extent, Japan's aid for Ukraine is pragmatic but not free of charge.Kishida hopes to increase assistance to Ukraine in order to support the support of Japan's expansion of military reserve and discharge nuclear waste waterEssence

Of course, Japan's increase in assistance to Ukraine is also to show its important role and status in a complex and intricate international environment.But this also brought a certain reflection to the Kanada government.The large -scale assistance of the Kishida government has caused strong dissatisfaction among Japanese taxpayers.

Although Kishida also made a "big blood change" for the support rate of the cabinet in order to save the support rate, according to the previously announced poll data,The popularity of Kishida has fallen to about 20%. In the Japanese media, it has entered the "steps to step down"Essence


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