[New and Old Essays] Dutch Election: Slow in a Red Fortress

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Dance in a lifetime.First of all, being a cadre, a teacher, known as a writer, and a member certificate of the Writer Association; later as a reporter, as a editor, sometimes there is a certificate and sometimes not permit.As the keyboard man, he accumulated, and used a sentence to "sweat cows".

My loved ones asked, how to find your article?I said no, but my loved ones insisted.I had to say that it was easy to write in mainland China, and it was difficult to find overseas, because I used many names, from Cheng Shi to Shenyi, as well as riverside, Lao Ji FuNet, Passerby Ding, thin camel or something, and Shutu, which I almost forgot, comes from improvisation, and there are all.

Write or not?Of course, write, and continue to write. For example, Mr. Yang Yan's centenarians keep working hard. It is not why, for an old man who loves culture and loves Chinese characters, this is the best health. In the process of code charactersThe brain can delay the occurrence of many diseases.

Occasionally, if you look at the words you write, you will also be very happy. It produces aesthetic experience called "pleasure", called "broom self -treasure".

In addition, it can prevent the current life of plagiarism and internal rolls. Some people take my things, or they can't move, or change their heads, stole their names and deceive the world.Pseudonym, making a piece of things that are virtuous, so that you can't eat it. At least you have a burden. This matter has also happened.Therefore, it is necessary to sort out my manuscript.Mine is mine, not, no, hard gas back.

What is the most precious thing for an old man?As far as me is concerned, it is a photo, a text written by myself. You can see the thinking trajectory of your life staying in the world of thousands of worlds, snow mud claws.

The new and old co -cast a furnace, hence the name of the new and old texts. It is divided into different categories. It is only for saving. It cannot be replaced by hard currency -some of them have been fulfilled, and they cannot be knocked on the stepping tiles -as long as the God of heaven is kind.

Do you know that there is a town called Oude Pekela in the Netherlands?There are not large town, only 8,000 people; they are also poor and belong to the poorest in the Netherlands, but they are famous.

This is based on its historical reasons, because it is known as one of the Dutch red bases; the second is the red base in this historical, but recently there has been a rally of anti -people.In September last year, the left -wing -wing -wing -wing people's DE VOLKSKRANT reported on the title of "In Oude Pekela Wetenze ét Heel Zeker: Asielzokeers Deugen Niet". It was paired with a photo of the assembly leader Paul RöBBECKE.The security guard team aims to deal with the "foreigners" in refugee camps and maintain the safety of more than 8,000 villagers.This article and photos are of course seen by the Liberal Leader Verdes, and become a basis for the political platform of the election: a refugee is not!

Oude Pekela, only 20 kilometers away from the German border in Groningen in the north, a larger city nearby is Winschoten.

The town is very poor. In 2014, the last one in the wealth ranking of "Elsevier" in the magazine "Elsevier".EssenceThe ranking of "Elsevier" also triggered the inspiration of another media organization EO, and filmed a documentary entitled "Living in the poorest village in the Netherlands".Poor villages.

The unemployment rate is high, the income is low, the social facilities are poor, and the crime rate is also high. Speaking of the crime rate, there was a story of pedophilia in the 1980s.Lure children.However, in fact, it is not found that this may be the illusion of bad impressions. The Chinese say "suspicious ghosts".However, the high unemployment rate here is a fact. People who are unemployed do not do anything except to smoke in the room every day.

Of course, from the appearance, the situation is much better than the poor villages in France and Britain.这是荷兰的一个特点,从外表来看,frontline information全国的frontline information小镇基本上差不多:有不错的cheap sneakers市容,有整齐的房子,市中心有社区中心,包括有酒吧、www.repshoes.es小图书馆、桌球室、会议室、Gym and other, there is even a amateur football club VV Noordster.

An unemployed single -parent woman Rianne Kapteijn and her daughter lived in a stone house with garden. She felt very happy and did not feel poor. She had always supported the Liberal Party (PVV).

A British Financial Times reporter Simon Kuper believes that this is related to the superior social welfare in the Netherlands. The aid of single -parent unemployed in the Netherlands is three times the British, and children's allowances are more than the United Kingdom.He said that in the UK, people in poor areas are very disgusted with reporters, but here, people are willing to be interviewed by reporters. It is best to ask them to drink a cup of tea or coffee.

Here we have become rich with peat, and now there are also some luxury homes built by wealthy ship owners in the 19th century.When peat resources are gone, it becomes an industrial area and gradually becomes the cradle of communism. Because there are workers living here, labor -oriented conflicts have occurred from time to time, and they have become one of the birthplaces of the Dutch Labor Party and the Dutch Communist Party.

At present, there are also Fré Meis, one of the local Dutch leaders and statues of ordinary workers in the village.

Pim Siegers, a member of the Socialist Party of the town, said that it can be said to be one of the red bases in the Netherlands.

Here, there have been many Jewish communities. However, after World War II, most of them died in the German Nazi concentration camps. The current traces of Jewish activities are a Jewish cemetery.

In recent years, some changes have taken place in this small village. In the 2012 election, the Right -wing Liberal Party has become the third largest party in the town, with 14%of supporters. This year, it is estimated that the number of supporters will rise.why?

In the last century, after the decline of the industry here, in 1998, the government wanted to set up a political shelters here and received the consent of the local government because it could get government allowances and bring employment opportunities.There are about 400 beds here. It has been operating since 2001. There are more foreigners here.

Immediately, there were some major events in the world and the Netherlands. First of all, the 911 incident in the United States, and then the rise and assassination of the populist politician Pim Fortuyn of the Netherlands.Terrorism, Islam, refugees, and immigrants have become the topic that still plagues the Western world so far.

In Oude Pekela, the refugee center has gradually become a topic.Refugees, are they really refugees?In this town without cinema, ballroom and railway station, the local young people looked at the refugees who came in and out of the refugee camp. They went to the supermarket to buy beer.Wear famous clothes.The young people here think: These refugees are used to the government!

However, the city councilor Siegers said that this was not the case in the past. You can see that the refugees are serving in the elderly and playing in the football club. The relationship is still very harmonious. Some refugees who have already obtained residence settled here.

However, with the increase of refugees, the problems have increased.At the beginning, there was a conflict between young people and refugees. Then, more incidents occurred. The store was stealing things, attacking the police, intercepting girls' bicycles.They are all related to refugees.Complaints from local residents gradually increased.

Frozen three feet, not a day's cold, finally in September last year, a rally demonstration against refugee camps occurred.Although there are different opinions on the demonstrations of this demonstration, some of them say that most of the demonstrators are not locals, but people in other places, belonging to extreme right organizations.The local mayor Jaap Kuin and the Minister of Interior Ronald Plasterk said.But an indisputable fact is that locals are increasingly disgusted with refugees. The consequences are their support to oppose the parties that oppose the Dutch receiving refugee -the Liberal Party.

At the time of the demonstration, a local supermarket also occurred in a refugee theft. Patrol police officers had to go to handle. The local people also discussed and spontaneously expressed dissatisfaction.The elder in the city also had to face the citizens' responsibility.

This red fortress has fallen, and the things here enrich the consistent statement of the Liberal Party: the poor white village, confirming the mistakes of the Hague political elite group, the story of refugees is not credible!

The image and voice of Fré Meis, one of the leaders of the Dutch Communist Party, may gradually be replaced by Verdes.

However, after all, the red fortress has its red soil, and the power of the church, sympathy and supporting refugees formed a camp.When the mayor announced that the 130 refugees, including the "problem group", were transferred to other refugee camps, it seemed to convey a signal that the refugees here were not honest.This camp supported the refugee also rally protested. Some people also quoted the text on the Bible and said how God said.

Some people say that people have long helped refugees and cannot get the attention of the media, but it is just that more than 50 anti -refugee demonstrations with tattoors have become news. Is this reasonable?

This village, because of the arrival of the refugee center, has formed different opinions and different camps.However, even the supporters of the local Liberal Party believe that the real refugees should be distinguished from the "fake refugees" who come to the Netherlands to "find happiness".

A few days ago, Wouter Bos, the former Labor Party leader, praised Verds, thinking that Verdes "could accurately reflect the emotions of the people and know how to guide the media in a timely manner.Change and its consequences are just positioning in established policies. "

But can Wilders solve the problem?

Of course, a government will constantly encounter new problems, but how to detect and take effective measures in time to guide and solve it is the way for politics.The Dutch government has accumulated so many issues on the problem of refugees. Who is?

It is said that since the 130 refugees in the refugee camp moved away, the place has become quiet, and there are no events or complaints.

However, the problem of refugees is always an important topic of this election, although there may not be the weight that Verdes emphasizes, because this is the weapon that he has won the score of the people.

(2017 first in the Netherlands 1)

-The Wenhuan Push Guang-

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