315 Open Act Summary 7 Articles

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Through the summary of the activity,热门话题 you can provide experience accumulation for the follow -up work of the event. Carefully write the activity to summarize and summarize it in a timely manner that we can insight and solve the problem of successful activities.It will definitely help you.

315 Open Act Summary 7 Articles

Time: August 1, 20xx

Location: Community Activity Plaza

Participants: Community cadres community residents

Activity content: In order to deeply excavate the rich connotation of the Tanabata Festival of the Tanabata Festival of the National Hospital, vigorously promote the national spirit and the spirit of the times, inherit the fine traditions and revolutionary traditions of the Chinese nation, guide people to understand traditional festivals, identify with traditional festivals, love traditional festivals, live wellTraditional festivals, thereby enhancing patriotic emotions and national cohesion. During the Qixi Festival of the street in front of the street, a series of theme activities were carried out with the "Our Festival Tanabata".

The summary will be summarized as follows:

1. Carry out the "Tanabata" recitation activities.Carry out the "Tanabata" theme recitation activity.

Reading content mainly includes:

First, the classic poetry of celebrities of all ages about Tanabata;

The second is the songs, poems, beautiful texts, etc. closely related to the Qixi Festival;

Third, celebrities of all ages praise pure love of pure love;

Fourth, classic love stories circulated in the ancient history of Chinese history;

Fifth, the touching story of love loyalty and family harmony in modern times or new periods.

By carrying out various forms of recitation activities, inherit the Chinese love civilization, sing pure love, interpret the true meaning of love, and enable people to be influenced by Chinese love civilization in the classics, and continue to write noble and pure love new love stories.

2. Strengthen publicity and create a community atmosphere.Using publicity methods such as exhibition boards, blackboard newspapers, promotional paintings, and online platforms, we will vigorously do a good job in the "Tanabata" festival propaganda work, create a strong atmosphere of public opinion, the atmosphere of the Qixi Festival, and continuously expand the social impact of traditional festivals.

3. Actively promote the theme activities of all kinds of friends and friendship.Actively publicize and mobilize the community single men and women to participate in the Municipal Civilization Office, the Propaganda Department of the Railway East District Committee, and the District Civilization Office on August 1st and 2nd in Martyrs Mountain Park.Blind Date Society two mass festivals cultural activities.Provide the opportunity to show themselves for single men and women, let them open up and find true love.

In the past, in order to commemorate Qu Yuan, the ancient labor people created the Dragon Boat Festival and commemorated this great person through bags.Now, for a child with leukemia, we raise funds for him through sale of rice dumplings.

Early in the morning, we started from the school. After reaching the destination, we accepted the task and listened to several precautions.After our morning efforts, we finally completed the task.Although the sun is relatively large and the weather is very sultry, we insist on the end to raise a lot of funds for the child with leukemia.

The main reasons for the success of this event are:

1. The task of the leader is reasonable.After we arrived at our destination, the leader divided us into several groups and assigned tasks to each group, such as: where to sell, what to say, and so on.So each of us clarified our tasks and what we should do.

2. Each team player is highly enthusiastic, everyone is united, and everyone has a kind heart.When everyone heard that to raise funds for children with leukemia, they all said that they must do their best to give their own strength to the children of leukemia. Unity is the power. The unity of a team is an important basis for completing the task.The team members of each team are clear, everyone understands what they should do and consciously integrate into the team, so they achieved good results.

3. A love heart.To be honest, we cannot complete the task without the spirit of dedication.There is difficulty in one side, and the eight parties support. As long as everyone dedicates its own love, the world will become better. No matter how small this love is, it can form the power to change anything.

Although this activity is relatively successful, the shortcomings are obvious.One is the weather. The weather was relatively sultry at that time. We were not fully prepared for heatstroke prevention.Later, there was a little rain again, and we were caught off guard.Also, we did not bring a certificate of our students in Fujian Institute of Engineering, which brought a lot of trouble.But it is generally good.

Helping others is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it should be learned by our contemporary college students.Although our strength is meager and may not be completely helping others, please believe that as long as we are willing to do it, we are willing to truly offer our love. Even if this love is small, it is enough.Because our love has passed to the hearts of others, it has made others feel warm.As long as one person stands out.Soon after, tens of millions of people stood up to offer their own strength.

Although we know that the funds we have raised are insignificant for that patient, we are not disappointed because we have tried our best.We believe that our love can be conveyed to that child, and I believe that more people will help him and let him get rid of the torture of the illness as soon as possible.

As long as everyone presents a love, the world will become better.Today's topic of the country's speech is "Grasp Today, Have Tomorrow", facing the first ray of dawn of dawn, we gathered under the national underworld, and we have no time to aftertaste XX. XX has greeted.Are you full of hope and longing, prepare, do you think of a lot of things to prepare in the XX year, I think no matter what preparations are made, you must cherish time and cherish our teenage time more.

Some people say: There are three days of a person's life. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, these three days formed a three -step life.But I said that a person's life is made up of countless today, because people who will not cherish today will neither cherish yesterday nor will they look forward to tomorrow.

When the day is about to end, everyone should seriously reflect on what you do on this day. Did you really cherish the time: When the teacher is in class, do you give up and listen to lectures because of the boring knowledge?When you are in self -study, are you absent -minded because of your weak will?When doing homework at home, do you can't help the temptation of television and computer games and spend time?On weekends, do you have no time to take care of books because of play?

When a year later, the feelings driven by us are never as simple as tore away the calendar. The small paper is as simple as the small paper. Some thoughts rippled in the lake of each of us.In the past year, under the care of teachers and parents, we knew the truth of being a person and achieved a lot of achievements.Happiness and sadness, success and failure ... are turned into wealth in life.Today, we will have another year of hope.We can't help but sigh too much time.The smoke struggling in the period seemed to have just faded, and the drums of the final exams sounded again.In the face of the tense final exam, there are two methods for everyone: First, the plan is planned, and the time is like gold.Some people say that a person who calculates time with "divide" is 59 times more time than a person who uses "time"!Second, see the stitching needle, persevere."See the seam of time, insert the needle of learning."As long as we keep the perseverance and tenacity of "crowded" and perseverance, we will definitely turn boring into pleasure and make limited time into unlimited power.At that time, we could be confidently dedicated to our parents with excellent results and dedicated to our hard -working teachers.

Smart people, check yesterday, hurry up today, plan tomorrow; stupid people lament yesterday, squandering today, dream tomorrow.A valuable life should be: yesterday without complaints and regrets, today's prosperous and realistic tomorrow.

Classmates, let us cherish today in the new year, cherish the current every minute!

Finally, on behalf of all students, I sent the New Year's blessing to the teachers who worked hard for a year!I wish all the teachers go well and be happy.At the same time, I also wish the students to learn progress and go to the next level.When we walk into the new campus, we can feel the beauty everywhere: a new teaching building stands in the green mountains and green trees; the clean and clean campus surrounds the green pine cypress; the white walls and new tables and chairs in the classroom.All this can give people a comfortable and beautiful feeling. Such an environment must have a beautiful and beautiful person.At the same time as the students of the new campus, we should have the responsibility to maintain the honor of the new campus and be a new school district civilized middle school student.So how can you be a civilized middle school student?Our students must be at least "five -lectures and four beauty". Five talks are about civilization, politeness, hygiene, order, and morality. The four beauty is the beauty of the soul, the beauty of language, the beauty of behavior, and the environment.Civilization can reflect a person's own quality and internal character.Speaking of civilization: It is necessary to achieve noble morals, honesty and trustworthiness, abide by discipline, unite classmates, love class, etc.Politement: It is to be polite to others, decent behaviors, kind attitude, speaking or behaviors without hurting others, not letting others feel uncomfortable.Waiting for others to be generous, not humble.

According to the work layout of the XX Family Planning Association of XX Province, at 9 am on August 5th, the Family Planning Association of our XX Street Office held a mobilization conference on the "Two Confins" and "Two" activity mobilizations at the family members' homes of the office.All members of the Family Planning Association of the Office of the Office reached the venue on time.The conference was chaired by Wang Jincan, president of the Office of Family Planning Association.

President Wang Jincan made an important speech at the meeting

He said: "The family planning work has gradually changed from the past management type to the service type. The fertility and marriage and childbirth culture of the married and childbearing people in the jurisdiction have been completely changed, and the family planning environment has obviously purified.The achievements of these achievements are inseparable from the members of our family planning associations. These fully indicate that each of our association members can strictly request ourselves in accordance with the purpose, tasks, and work responsibilities of our associations.The association has rushed to light and added color. To this end, according to the unified work of the Municipal Family Planning Association, the Standing Council of the Family Planning Association of the Office of the Office of Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning and Family Planning decided that from August 5th to August 31st, we must vigorousFor contributions, I add light to the association ',' "Two" activities of the "two are" and 'two disputes' activities of the "advanced association". I hope that all members will actively invest in this activity.The Family Planning Association must be organized carefully, grasped the typical example, and vigorously publicize and commend the good people and good deeds showing this event. "

Early in the morning on August 15th, according to the overall arrangement of the "two disputes" and "two -for -two" activities, the environmental student associations of various community neighborhood committees led all members of the association to carry out a hygienic cleaning activity on the area under the jurisdiction of the neighborhood committee, and to the area under the jurisdiction.Sanitary dead ends, weeds on the roadside, potholes, and potholes were cleaned up, cleared and tidy.In this hygienic cleansing activity, each association member carried forward the spirit of not being afraid of suffering, not afraid of tiredness, and not afraid of dirty.Through the past morning, the environmental hygiene of the area was renewed, and the people praised our associations.

Through the development of the "two disputes" and "two" activities in August, the members of the majority of associations in their jurisdictions are the people's consciousness of the majority of associations, thereby truly reflecting the role of the association's bond, and also laid for the environmental development of our future planning.Base!

XX: XX City Xinjian Road Office to strengthen the training of reproductive environment consultants

In order to improve the level of reproductive health consulting and practice of relevant personnel in our office, and to ensure that our office has achieved good results in the national reproductive health consultant examination, recently, XX XX XX New Road Office invited relevant personnel of the Municipal Family Planning Commission to work in the workThe special training activities of reproductive health counselors on the third floor of the Office were carried out. Nearly thirty of all family planning cadres and community family planning administrators of the offices participated in the training.The training activities were strictly organized, measured, and obvious, and further strengthened everyone's learning consciousness and practice awareness.(Author: Chen Songfeng XX Provincial XX New Road Office)

The "4+2" working method of the XX Town Family Planning Association

In recent years, the XX City and XX Town Family Planning Association of XX Province have implemented the "4+2" working method throughout the town, and have achieved good social results.

The "4+2" working method is that all major matters of the Village Family Planning Association must be implemented in accordance with the "four discussions" and "two supervision" procedures under the leadership of the village party branch.The "four discussions" means that the party branch proposes, the executive council discussion, the council review, and the resolution of the membership congress."Two Supervision" means that the supervision resolution is implemented and the supervision resolution is implemented.

The village party branch put forward work tasks and work goals based on the current rural work and association work.These task targets are discussed by the Standing Council. After passing, the council will be reviewed from the legality, rationality of work goals, and the wishes of the masses.Select) the conference to perform voting and form a resolution.

The implementation of the "4+2" work method has clarified the work goals, the results of the work have been made, and the satisfaction of the masses has been improved.

The one -month -old young teacher teaching competition has been pulled slowly on Thursday morning.With the strong support of the school, with the efforts of all teachers, the participating teachers actively participated and carefully prepared, and the event achieved a complete success.The busy month passed, and the busy life brought us a fulfilling life. The busyness left us a rich accumulation. After the epiphany, it was a deep summary and thinking.

The teachers fully reflect the spirit of new curriculum reform in the competition. The most prominent performance is: highlighting the life -oriented.What is people -oriented, what is the main body, what is equal dialogue, what is respect for students, what is cooperative learning, what is facing the whole, we found the answer in teachers' lessons.The whole class teacher acts only a chief of equality. A event organization and guide. They only do their best to build a happy platform for students.Talking about feelings and talking about mood, teachers who have heard of class probably noticed that each student's participation is positive, and speaking is enthusiastic.

The young teachers who participated in the competition showed the active attitude of our teachers and the sense of responsibility of the owner.It can be imagined that before each class, teachers of the same grade group have discussed the problems and improvement directions in the class where they participated in; after listening and listening, the discussion and discussions and discussions and preparation teams in this section, the judges and the class preparation team.Evaluation; and what brings after the game, it must be the deep thinking of everyone, thus deepening the understanding of the curriculum concept, further clarifying the direction of classroom teaching, and striving to improve our own classroom teaching quality.It is the long -term response and gains we want to get this competition.

This competition is successfully ended. This competition is a platform that shows the style of the young teachers of our school; this competition is also a window, which shows the spirit of united, aggressive, and research on our Chinese language teachers;This competition is an opportunity, a starting point, let us take the opportunity to work together to push our school's language education and classroom teaching research work in deeper, and do better!

In the past two days, I read the notes of the listening notes "written in this" written in this two times. I want to present the income and thinking of this event to the maximum of my ability and scope.You are welcome to communicate with me in any way after you go down.

"During the fall, I experienced the bitterness of the early teachings. I was in half the harvest of teachings for many years. This harvest not only contains success, joy, but more importantly.Climbing towards a higher goal is to start anchoring to the other side again and again. The mountains and wading are full of hardships and bumpy, but my beliefs in my heart, the pursuit of the goal will always support me for progress, and constantly seek for! ""

According to the requirements of the state, provinces and cities, our district organized a 20xx annual science and technology activity week with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation · Beautiful Life" from May 19th to 25th.This activity highlights the two main lines of the development of science and technology to benefit people's livelihood and technology support, focus on publicizing scientific and technological policies and policies, and vigorously carry out science popularization activities that are close to life, close to the masses, and focus on people's livelihood. The entire event has achieved the expected purpose and achieved remarkable results.The relevant situation is summarized as follows:

1. Pay attention to and organize it carefully

According to the spirit of Lanzhou City's "Notice on Holding the Lanzhou Science and Technology Activity Week of 20XX", the Office of the People's Government of the Chengguan District issued the "Notice on Organizing the Organization of the 20xx Science and Technology Activity Week".All streets, relevant departments and units are required to combine the actual situation, closely linked the theme, highlight the focus, carefully organize publicity and education activities, and strive to continue to innovate in content and form.By organizing the launch, the entire district links up and down and cooperates, organically combines the activities of science and technology activities with the work of the unit and the headquarters, starting with the hot spots that the people care about and are close to life, spread scientific ideas, advocate scientific methods, focus on publicity, and publicize publicity.The party and the government's science and technology policy and policies, focusing on guiding the understanding and understanding of the importance of science and technology workers and various people in the whole society, and mobilizing the enthusiasm of the work enthusiasm of science and technology workers in the region and the enthusiasm of the participation of the masses in the region.

Second, rich content, diverse forms

During the Science and Technology Activity Week, relevant departments and units closely focused on the theme of the event, especially leading cadres and science and technology workers to actively take the lead in participating, optimizing services and stimulating enthusiasm.Essence

1. The District Science and Technology Bureau and the Association for Science and Technology to actively carry out series of activities such as popular science and science rural entry, community, and campus.Hold agricultural technology training courses, mobilize the majority of science and technology workers, and carry out science and technology to go to the countryside around the construction of agricultural industrial bases, the construction of science and technology park projects, and technology demonstration bases.Focusing on the rural areas, close to farmers, and close to the industrialization, it highlights the technical training week of technical training weeks of rural, village cadres, and technology demonstration households.Through the form of technical training courses, knowledge lectures, distribution of popular science materials, on -site guidance, and on -site observation, it provides a variety of popular science knowledge for the majority of farmers. The number of technical training is 4,000, and the popular science information is 20xx.

2. The District Science and Technology Bureau and the District Education Bureau jointly organized primary and secondary schools in the district to carry out science and technology theme culture week activities.Using the National Speech to hold the opening ceremony of the Science and Technology Theme Culture Week, through the hanging banner, posting scientific and technological propaganda paintings, and using school broadcasting to the majority of students to play scientists, it is widely promoted to create an atmosphere.Each school has made specific deployments and carried out colorful scientific and technological activities.

3. The "Popular Science Cars" activity was launched.During the science and technology activity week, combined with the work of "Liancun Lianhu and the people and rich people", the Science and Technology Bureau carried out two popular science caravan propaganda activities in Zhangsutan Community and Yanchangbao community of Yannan Street and Yanchang Road Street.With the District Education Bureau, the Young Science Station jointly launched the "Popular Popular Carlers Entering Campus" at Anle Village Primary School and Jincheng Guan Huimin Middle School.The wonderful and rich car exhibits, through the students' hands -on operation experience, enabled students to learn the knowledge that is not available in classrooms and scientific books. During the event, "memory test", "simulation tornado", "pyrata theorem", "sound three", three sound three"Elements" and other car exhibits have deeply attracted students.The activity will send a "science set meal" that integrates scientific, knowledgeable, interesting, and participation in a rich and colorful way in a variety of and easy -to -understand methods.

4. "Popular Science Entering the Community" activity.During the Science and Technology Activity Week, the District Science and Technology Bureau and the Association of Science and Technology jointly carried out a variety of color science popularization activities with various streets and communities, with more than 5,000 participants, which were well received by residents of the community.Weiyuan Road Street uses the resource of the "Public Science Day" of the Lanzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. On May 18, more than 300 cadres and employees, community residents, students of Lanzhou University Medical College, and primary and secondary school students in the district participated in visiting and learning activities.The activity not only made everyone feel the impact of scientific and technological innovation on human life, but also learned about the diligence and hard work of scientific workers in the communication with experts and scholars.On May 30, Jinshaxiang Community held the "Bright Sky, the same group of dreams of dreaming with Lanzhou University, Gansu Agricultural University, and Northwestern Normal University in Nanyuan Shi Plaza, Lanzhou University, Gansu Agricultural University, and Northwestern Normal University."Theme publicity activities.Pictures of the aviation industry and aviation engines, the eight planets of the solar system, and the Chinese manned aerospace engineering were exhibited.Students from the Lanzhou Finance and Tax School of Jinshaxiang Community Organizations visited and heard the president of the association's explanations about the principles of the solar system and the eight major planets, the aerospace, manned spacecraft, and the principles of the detector.At the same time, the three universities' astronomical associations also provide three professional astronomical telescope to the event site, allowing the general public to experience the feeling of watching the sun through an astronomical telescope.

The winter solstice is a very important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar and a traditional festival.In order to enable children to understand the meaning of this festival, feel traditional culture, cultivate children's hands -on ability, participation in awareness, experience the joy of labor, learn to share and gratitude, and hold this event.

During the event, the children learned about the origin of the winter solstice, the story of the winter solstice, and the "Dumpling Dumpling" rhythm of the winter solstice, and to understand the process of making dumplings.At the same time, a chance to do it for the children. Each class invites five parents to come to the class to make dumplings with the children. Although the young children are more than three years old, although they are not so flexible, they look seriously like small.The same is the same.The children are eager to try, and the parents are guiding, some try to roll the dumpling skin, some studies the dumplings filling, some carefully observe how to pack, some of them hold the dumplings of dumplings ... they feel the joy of making dumplings.The children brought an electromagnetic cooker, rice cooker, chopping board, rolling pin and other utensils from the house. They all showed their skills and were so busy!The children tasted their hot air, delicious dumplings, and the joyful atmosphere was overflowing in every corner of the classroom.

A parent said on WeChat that he was usually busy with work and had no time to accompany his child, let alone making dumplings. Thank you Kindergarten for organizing this winter solstice.In order to participate in the kindergarten activities, most grandma wrapped the winter solstice dumplings in the refrigerator one day in advance."I feel very interesting and meaningful to make dumplings with my grandson and granddaughter today. Thank you for giving us this opportunity for giving us this opportunity.

Through this activity, while experiencing the traditional customs of our country, the children also enjoyed the special care and warmth brought by the kindergarten family, which not only adds color to the children's class, but also allows the children to live a unique Winter Solstice Festival.Essence

At 7 am on August 30, 20xx, 15 teachers in Jinshui District were Wang Ke, director of the Education and Sports Bureau, Li Zheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Xu Shike, Deputy Director, and the leaders of the Personnel Section and various teaching schools.Start our one -year journey of education.

For a long time, as a people's teacher, I have regarded teachings as a proud and proud thing. The career career has always been strongly attractive to me. I heard that there was a support for teaching.I was very happy and proud to be able to teach me in the countryside of Shenqiu this time.I hope to use my own meager power to present a love and love for children in rural areas.

There were a total of fifteen teachers in Jinshui District, who were teaching in Shenqiu County, and were assigned to six townships and seven primary schools.When I didn't come, I had all the imagination of the support of the support. Is rural education much worse than in the city in terms of hardware facilities and educational concepts?Is the condition of life bad?Is the student's state and psychology very different in the city?With various questions, I officially started a year of religion life.

After I arrived, I was assigned to Chaoyang Primary School in Fanying Township.Part of it is that mom and dad have gone out to work. I live with my grandparents. I have only seen it on TV before. Now I have seen it with my own eyes and in front of their teachers.I know that this kind of. Students often do not like expressions, do not express well, and are relatively introverted, so they are more eager for love and need love.

In the next education and teaching process, I have always adhered to "education of love", that is, let students receive education in a harmonious and caring environment. The way of education must consider students' ability to accept and self -esteem.

Time is stunned, and the years are like shuttle. In a blink of an eye, the teaching life is close to the end. Looking back at the work and life and study of the year, my heart is full of joy, because the support work has exercised me.The enthusiasm of their enthusiasm moved me, and the communication with the teachers improved me.The support work is full, and it brings me a heavy harvest.

1. Ideological aspects:

First, comply with the rules and regulations of the support education.Actively ask for progress, dedication to work, do a good job of teaching plans, study notes and summaries, and continuously improve yourself; in fact, correct attitude, and be a teacher.Use the spare time to communicate with local teachers and students to make them a good teacher and friend.Finally, strictly demand yourself and obey the arrangements of the leadership.Persist in dedication in work at work, focus on the overall situation, and do their best to do their jobs regardless of personal gains and losses.

2. In terms of life:

First of all, I did n’t do housework when I did n’t come to teach, but after I came here, I had to come to myself. Buy food, cook, and wash clothes.And hands -on ability.Secondly, live and work with other teaching teachers, and cultivate the ability to get along with people.

Third, teaching:

The basic education of rural areas (including rural teachers and students), exchanged educational teaching methods, experiences and experiences with teachers, and felt the difficulties and weakness of basic education in rural areas., Changed the traditional "duck -type" teaching mode in the classroom, adopted the interaction of teachers and students, so that students dare to say, want to say, are willing to say, express their own thoughts boldly, guide them as the main body, guide them, and guide them.The atmosphere gradually became active, and the changes of students made me see in my eyes and in my heart.


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