2023 Nanping • Jianyang's "Together Heart" Cup 3rd Yungu Mountain Cross Country Passion Starting

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Southeast Net, December 11 (Correspondent Liu Jianfeng Wu Dazhuo Chen Wen)On December 10th, the third Yunu Mountain Cross -country race in Nanping Jianyang's "Tongxin" Cup in 2023 started passionately in Songbai Village, Junkou Town, attracting more than 460 running enthusiasts from all over the province to participate.Li Xiaohua, director of Nanping Sports Bureau, Zheng Xiaoyi, deputy director, and leaders of Jianyang District, Li Peiwen and Jiang Lihua, jointly shot guns and awarded the winners.

This event is hosted by the Nanping Sports Bureau and the People's Government of Jianyang District. The District Committee of the District Commission, the District Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau, and the Town People's Government of the Town of the District Committee have a 20 -kilometer off -road team and a 8 -kilometer health running group.At 8:30 in the morning, with the shooting of the shot, the contestants started the passion from the village department of Songbai Village. The players showed outdoor passion with running, interpreted the competitive spirit with hard work, and enjoyed the joy of running in nature.

The off -road track of this competition is 20 kilometers in length, gathered in many landforms such as rural, mountains, and ecological forests. There are natural and humanistic landscapes such as Yunu Mountain Cottage, Sanlie Stone Stone, and Mao Chashan Ancient Village along the way.The track has not only a relaxed and pleasant road, but also a mountain climbing trail that challenges physical strength and endurance, so that the contestants can enjoy the impact and pleasure brought by the diversified track.

After some fierce competition, Huang Jianping from the gloss won the first place in the off -road men's group with a score of 28 minutes; the first place in the off -road women's group was obtained by Yang Ping from Songxi.

At the main venue of the event, the organizer also set up a display area for special agricultural products and specialty snacks, so that the contestants and the people of the viewing of the competition, while enjoying the event, taste special food and understand local green ecological resources.

"Take this opportunity to introduce the agricultural products of Songbai Village to everyone, let everyone understand Songbai Village, and feel the original ecology of Songbai Village. I hope everyone can go to Songbai Village on the weekend."Wu Jianlin, Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of the Village Committee.


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