US media: Biden misunderstood, the White House quietly changed the manuscript

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Reference News Network reported on December 10th According to a report on the US "News Weekly" website on December 9,frontline information after the US President Biden said the wrong government expenditure was criticized, the White House quietly corrected the error in the text draft of this speech.

It is reported that on the 8th, Biden appeared at the Las Vegas International Woodworking Training Center, boasting that the government led by the government has invested more than $ 8 billion in railway, including 3 billion U.S. dollar high -speed rail project connecting Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San FranciscoEssenceBut the number cited in his speech seemed to be inconsistent with his 2021 Infrastructure Act.He then tried to correct his claim.

Bayon said: "During my term, the United States will usher in an infrastructure for ten years." "More than 1.3 billion, trillion, and $ 300 million. Trump just talk about it. We said so."

The report pointed out that Biden's speech attracted sharp criticisms on the Internet.The New York Post says that this kind of dishonest or mistake seems to be caused by Biden's attempt to make up numbers.

Biden Critics, Olun Rose, said in social media: "Why do US presidents perform exactly the same as my 4 -year -old child when they are working hard to move out as high as possible?"

The New York Post stated in the report that the White House clearly revised these numbers in the official speech and changed it to "$ 1.3 billion to $ 10.3 billion."


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