UN official: Half of Gaza is starving, and 90%of families in some places have no grain all day

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"Every 10 people cannot maintain food belly every day. Even in some places,News information 90%of the family of families do not have a grain all day."

These tragic situations are described by Schokus, deputy executive director of the World Grain Program.He just led the team into Gaza to carry out humanitarian rescue work and saw the actual situation of the local area.He estimates that about half of Gasha's population is in a state of "hungry", and the current humanitarian rescue supplies are very limited. It is "a salary of a cup of water" for saving Gaza society on the edge of collapse.

The Israeli National Defense Force spokesman Hickt said, "The death of any civilians is painful for us, but we have no choice."

On December 8, local time, a vote of the United States rejected the draft of the UN Security Council's resolution on Pakistan -Israel -Israel's ceasefire, which disappointed the multi -country representatives.It is worth noting that the voting was issued from the "privilege" used by the Secretary -General of the United Nations Gutres, and the last time the United Nations Secretary -General used this privilege to go back to the India -Pakistan conflict 52 years ago ...

▲ The UN Security Council Meets to discuss the situation in Pakistan and Israel

UN official:

The trip to Gaza makes people feel "fear and despair"

"The chaotic scene here makes people feel fearful and desperate. I didn't make such psychological preparations before I came here." Star introduced the current situation of Gaza.He said that the situation of the stations of the rescue material warehouse and the distribution of grain were very chaotic, "legal and social order is close to collapse." At the same time, the refuge has already been overcrowded, and the public bathroom that can provide shower services is already in a "population explosion" state.Electricity, freshwater and food are very lacking in Gaza.

Scho said that there were 9 "no food all day long and all night" in every 10 families in some areas.

The city of Khanis in southern Gaza is now surrounded by the Israeli tanks from two front lines. The people there told Schokus that the situation was very grim.Dr. Ahmed Mograbi, the only medical institution of the city's only medical institution Nasser Hospital, forced tears to tell the local situation."I have a 3 -year -old daughter who always ask me some candy and fruits. I can't provide her with enough food. I feel helpless. We don't have enough food. The only one for us is rice.Do you believe it? We only eat once a day, and only rice. "

▲ Gaza civilian hiding into the hospital and a shelter

Dr. Mograbi said that the shortage of water and medicine made him unable to surgery for patients.Dean of Nasser Hospital said his team "lost control" about local casualties.Under the violent air strike of the Israeli Army, many woundeds could not be treated in time.

Scho said that the biggest difficulty at present is that the speed of rescue supplies entering Gasha is not fast enough. At present, only a border checkpoint border with Egypt in the south can pass the rescue supplies.The UN grain plan summer has been pressured to Israel and requires the opening of the second transit point.At present, Israel agrees to consider opening up the Caarem Salom transit point from Israel to Gasha, but it is limited to the official support of the UN assistant truck, and the material is strictly inspected by Israel before the transit.

Israel vowed to continue the war

The Biden government authorized to sell tank ammunition to Israel

Judging from the statement of Israeli high -level, there is no sign of slowing the war at all, showing the signs of humanitarian rescue.

Herz Hallevi, Chief of Staff of the Israeli National Defense Force, called the soldiers to attack the army with all their strengths and "increased their pressure" against the resistance of the Gaza Strip.He also expressed his hope to be in front of him. "We see that some people are surrender to us from the organization. This is the signs of Hamas's organizational network." He also said that before Israel's hostage was safely returned home, the air strike strength was intensifying.It will not be reduced.

The Israeli military said that their intelligence is convinced that Hamas leaders are hiding in Khanis and may be hidden in the underground tunnel network.At present, the Israeli army is surrounded by Khan Yuni, and he is households from house to house. "From one house to another house" to investigate and fight to destroy Hamas's military command capabilities.Many Hamas armed members surrendered to the Israeli Army and said that they could not contact the commander. Israeli believes that this is evidence that the Harma's command system is failed.

At the same time, the Biden government used an emergency bill to bypass Congress and authorize to sell about 14,000 tank ammunition to Israel with a value of more than $ 106 million.

For the United States' veto behavior

Multi -nations expressed regret and disappointment

According to Xinhua News Agency, China, Palestine, the UAE, the United Arab Emirates, the UAE, Russia, France, Japan and other countries in the United States expressed regret and disappointment.The explanation speech of the Chinese permanent representative of the United Nations after the draft resolution was rejected, and China said that it was "great disappointment and regret."The two -month war has caused unprecedented death and damage, and immediately ceasefire is the prerequisite for overwhelming everything.

The Palestinian Observed Observer Mansur pointed out that the Security Council could not pass a new resolution to fulfill its duties. It is regrettable and "catastrophic."Abu Shahab is "deeply disappointed" by the UAE's resident representative of the United Nations.He said that the result of this "disappointment" would not prevent his country from continuing to urge members of the Security Council to take action and end the violent behavior in the Gaza.Russia's permanent deputy representative of the United Nations Pollyjayki said, "Today will become one of the darkest days in the Middle East", the United States once again obstructs the ceasefire appeal.

The French permanent represented by the United Nations Nicholas Derrevivi said, "France voted for this resolution, and we pleaded immediately to achieve long -lasting humanitarian ceasefire."

According to the United Nations official website, the reason why the Security Council can hold an emergency meeting and vote for a draft this time is because the UN Secretary -General Guterres uses a "Secretary -General Privilege" on December 6.When Gutres wrote to the Security Council on December 6, it was specially moved out of Article 159 of the United Nations Charter.This clause stipulates that the Secretary -General must ask the Security Council to pay attention to what they think may threaten international peace and security.

The United Nations official said that this is not only the first time Gutres has quoted this clause since taking office. The last time someone made it clear that this clause was traced back to 1971. The then Secretary -General of the United Nations Wu Dan called for the Security Council to pay attention to India Pakistanintense situation.

Red Star News reporter Zheng Zhizhi Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, Overseas Network


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