Today, Bayeng was stunned, and threatened the Americans to give his life without sending money.

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Do you remember who was the last person who warned the United States that "either send money or give his 热门新闻life"?Do you remember?He is the Ukrainian President Zelei.

What I said today is the US President Biden, do you make you feel stunned?These war dealers have ended poorly, almost crazy, and the world is very careful.

Let's talk about why the Ukrainian President Zeleziky warns the United States "either to send money or give his life."

Earlier this year, more than 100,000 shells in the Bayhmut battlefield in Ukraine fired at the high gun positions of both Russia and Ukraine.Bachurut immediately broke the wall of the wall, the blood flowed into the river, and it was terrible.

At that time, Ukraine couldn't help it anymore.Its artillery shells have been quickly used, so Ukraine President Zelezzki asked the US -European -owned investor to supply shell as soon as possible.

What made him angry was that the US -European funder said with both hands and said: Our inventory is also clear, and it is no longer possible to guarantee the supply of the Bullet of the Ukraine.

On February 8th, when French President Macron and German Chancellor Schultz met in Paris in Paris, the European largest funded French President Macron and German Chancellor Schrenki.The loss will be a little less. "As a result, Zelei Sky, who was afraid and fearless, thought of a particularly powerful trick: intimidating European big guys to send money or sending people?

On February 24, a press conference on the first anniversary of the Russian and Ukraine War, a reporter asked Zelenezki that if Ukraine defeated in the Russia -Ukraine conflict, what would the United States happen?Zelei said very straightforwardly: "The United States will have to send their children to the battlefield, just like we send our children to the battlefield ... they will have to fight, because we talk about NATO, they will sacrifice","

This is the first time that a national leader said that the Americans would let the Americans go to the Ukrainian war.At that time, Zessky's remarks stirred up the panic of American politicians and people.

The California Republican Federal Senator candidate James Bradeli tweeted: "If you are a liberal person who wields the Ukrainian flag, or put this flag in your personal profile, now you don't thinkIs he stupid? Zerrenki said he wanted your son and daughter to war and die in his war. "

On the consequences of the US podcast host Tim Pell, a guest said that the words of Zerrenzki touched his "last nerve" and warned the US government not to try to call his children "for haha.The Besburg dynasty, World War I, the repeat of 20 million people's unnecessary death, and the elite fighting competition "died."

American investment expert Colin Log post on Twitter and wrote: "Those who add the Ukrainian flag icon to Twitter should go to the battlefield first."

In fact, although Zeelianzki's remarks made the American people panic, the politicians of the US Congress became a lot better: Lao Tzu sent money (according to domestic friends, the printed is over) and did not give his life!

March 9th

The US Congress leader reached an agreement on the appropriation law, including $ 13.6 billion to assist Ukraine and European allies.

May 19th

The US Congress Senate approved a record of 40 billion US dollars in the latest additional assistance plan for Ukraine.

It looks like this is the two reeds played by the US President Biden and Ukraine President Zeleki: for their personal wallets to abduct the American people and represent their parliament with fear of war.

Now, the U.S. Congress seems to have begun to understand the routines of Zelei and Biden!At the same time, the United States is so poor that even the electricity bills of printing money can't be up.Not only did the US Congress reluctant to send money to the Ukrainian battlefield, but even the money promised to give Ukraine can be dragged.As for the tall "democracy and freedom" that the US president said, see the ghost.

According to the latest report from the Institute of Economics of the Institute of Economics in Germany, from August to October this year, the military, economic, financial, and humanitarian aids promised by the United States and other investment directions in Ukraine have decreased by nearly 90%compared with the same period last year.The lowest point since the outbreak of Wu conflict. "

What about it?Ukraine once again encountered the fundamental pigeon, and had no money to maintain the "democracy and freedom" in the United States.At this time, on October 7, the Palestinian conflict fought again.According to the meaning of US President Biden, Israel's problem has surpassed the category of "democracy and freedom", which is directly related to the survival of the United States.Ukraine was obviously seized by Israel, and Zeelianzki complained that the United States is just Israel, regardless of Israel.

As a result, Zeleiski said the shocking remark of "let the dog control the planet".This is the "old dog" who claims to control the planet, and the US President Biden immediately woke up.The ducks that can't be cooked are flying!The term of president who left less than a year left, saying that you have to make your wallet drum and talk about it.Ukraine's money is about to check out, regardless of its life and death!

He then delivered a national television speech on October 19th and told the American people: You can put pressure on your representatives and tell them that Congress will not give money, and you have to go to Ukraine to kill him.

He claims

To ensure the victory of Israel and Ukraine, it is essential for US national security.Israel and Ukraine were defeated, and the United States was not far from perish.

He announced

He will apply for an emergency budget to the US Congress.This budget is used to support Israel and Ukraine victory.

He also said that this will bring dividends for the security of generations in the United States, and the descendants of Americans will not have to give their descendants in the future.

His budget includes $ 60 billion to Ukraine, and the remaining $ 40 billion will be used in Israel and Taiwan, China.The importance of the Ukrainian battlefield suddenly became high.At $ 60 billion, if Zelei is not so greedy, it can at least support his term.After his wallet is drumming, he can enjoy his old age.

However, the fact is that the current US poverty is not even able to print the electricity bill, so the US Congress struggle representing the United States is very fierce.Biden's emergency budget was finally voted and rejected after discussion in the US Senate!

And incredible that his budget was rejected by his Democratic Party.As we all know, the US Senate is the majority of Democratic Party where Biden is located.Even if all members of the United States Republican opposed all opposition, it is not available.The reason why Biden's budget even rejected himself was that his food was too ugly, offending the real big brother of the Democratic Party.

This shows that the use of Ukraine's money before must have problems. It is not clear how many people's pockets.You know, the Americans do not want to kill the Ukraine battlefield. They have a tight pants and their belt. Even the American Biden government may be forced to close the door.

At this time, the US President Biden remembered that Zelelki said on February 24, which was very effective.So, he arranged for his Minister of Defense Austin to run to the U.S. Congress Mountain and shouted: "If the budget is not approved, we will send your uncle, the cousin) brothers and sons to fight with Russia. Pay to them"Your child".

Later, Biden also said similar words, but it sounded slightly more energetic.He mentioned in a special speech calling on the US Congress to approve the additional assistance to Ukraine: "If Putin won Ukraine, he will not stop there. I guess that Putin will attack a NATO member country, which will lead to the direct U.S. military and the Russian army directly.conflict."

The implication is Zeelianzki's routine: intimidating Americans for money or terrible.

It is conceivable how the words of President Ukraine's phrase "let the dog control the planet" are the peak.

Who is this planet, who can make Ukraine, Russians, Israeli and Palestinians alive to be killed?

It seems that not only we have to make money with our lives, but the only people in the world in the world have to make money desperately.

Strongly support the statement of Ukrainian President "let the dog control the planet"!Now he claims to be the leader of the superpowers who control the planet.



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