Zeelianzki visited the United States again for help, and Biden announced the US $ 200 million to help the Ukraine

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Based on the Based on the United States CNN and Fox News Network,特快资讯 on December 12, local time, US President Biden announced that it would provide US $ 200 million in new military assistance to Ukraine.It is reported that the news was announced by the President of Ukraine Zelezki again, and this was the third time Zelezzki visited the United States since the outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict.

Biden and Zelei held a meeting at the White House Source: Associated Press

It is reported that on the occasion of Zedisky's visit to the United States, Biden's US $ 110.5 billion emergency expenditure bill was blocked in the United States Senate, including providing more than $ 60 billion in assistance to Ukraine.The bill was not obtained because Republican members insisted on "binding" the US border security policy on the US border.CNN reported that Zeelianzki's trip was to personally ask the United States to agree to additional assistance, but as the U.S. Congress is about to start a holiday, the possibility of the United States' recent agreement on the two parties in the United States is still not much.

On December 12, local time, at the White House Oval Office meeting with Zellezki, Biden told reporters that he had just signed a newly -value U.S. military aid worth 200 million US dollars, and said that the funds had been approved by Congress beforeEssenceIn the afternoon of the same day, at the joint press conference held with Zessky, Biden vowed that the United States would support Ukraine "as long as possible".CNN said that this statement represents Bayeng's exemplary changes in publicly in public. He said that "as long as you need" the United States will support Ukraine.

It is reported that on the 12th, in front of the Biden meeting, Zeleiski met with a member of the US Congress, including the leader of the majority of the Senate (Democratic Party), Shu Mo, the leader of the Minority Party (Republican Party) of the Senate, and the Speaker of the Republican House of RepresentativesMike Johnson.Schu Mo said it was a "very good, effective meeting", and Zelei "clearly stated what he needed" and how this help would win Ukraine.Shu Mo also said that if the United States fails to provide more assistance, it may make Ukrainian European allies feel uneasy.

Zelei Sky and the US Speaker Johnson held a meeting. Source: Johnson's Office

Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said after a 30 -minute meeting with Zellezki that the meeting was "good", but he still insisted on his position, that is, the US -Mexico border issue should be the focus of the main concern.If there is no "change" in the border policy, it is unlikely to reach a funding agreement.He also asked the White House to be more clear about the U.S. strategy on the Ukrainian issue.

CNN reported that J.D. Vance, a Republican Federal Senator from Ohio, left Zeellezki in advance to hold talks with some American Senators.The senator was criticized for increasing the addition of Ukraine's aid.He said that Zeleiski introduced these senators "the latest situation of strategic milestones" to these senators and answered some questions, but his ideas on the issue of U -military aid have not changed.


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