Why did the Iranian partner in the American Embassy in the United States Embassy not responded to Biden?

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Uncle Mu to analyze the game of the United States and Iran in the context of the Gaza War.

On December 9,一手资讯 a senior US military official told the media that the US Embassy in Iraq has been repeatedly assaulted by artillery, rockets and drones.This caused severe concerns of the White House.

The latest one appeared in the early morning of the same day. There were even 7 mortar shells fell in the area of the United States in the Baghdad Embassy, but there were no reports of casualties and property losses.Nevertheless, this is the first time that the US Embassy in Iraq has been assaulted for the first time in the past two years.And as mentioned just now, so many artillery shells have fallen into the embassy, which is something that has never been before in the past years.

Not only the Embassy of Baghdad, the United States has a lot of benefits in Iraq, such as the U.S. military in Iraq.Since the embassies can be attacked, the US military is not strange.

Another U.S. military officials told the media that on December 9, an air force base in Baghdad in Baghdad was assaulted by two rockets.Even the U.S. military stationed in Syria was assaulted on the same day of drones and rockets.

This frequency of assault on the U.S. military is also rare for several years.It is no wonder that the Biden government is worried about it.

Who did this?Of course, Iran supported the Shiite of Iraqi.

In the past few years, they frequently raided the interests of the United States in Iraq and Syria, and did not deny what they did.

In the battle of Gaza, after the United States explicitly supported Israel, the Iraqi Shiites armed forces publicly claimed that they continued to assault the U.S. military.

However, it is worth noting that although the artillery is hit by the US embassy, the reaction of the Biden government is restrained.What is the reason why the soldiers are not arranged to clear these Iranian friends?

The United States is still reluctant to see that the battle of Gaza has a great spillover effect.In other words, if the second battlefield of the agent in Iraq and Iran, the security situation in the Middle East will become more and more out of control.Originally, the United States was not a participant in the battle of Gaza. If the response was too fierce, it may be dragged into the war, which further influenced the public opinion that Biden had fallen, especially the support of Muslim voters.

Moreover, the assault of the Shiites of the Iraqi faction is still controllable to the US Embassy and interests, and it is impossible for Iranians to agree that they can do too much movement, but just stimulate the United States.Otherwise, if there is a major casualties in the United States and Biden had to make a shot, Iran's trouble may be more difficult to manipulate.Since Iran does not want to make trouble, of course, Biden will not respond too much.

However, it is impossible for the U.S. military to fight back.For example, although the U.S. military does not dispatch the ground forces to attack the Shiite forces in Iraq, the continuous air strikes are nail on board.

So in fact, the spillover effect of the battle of Gaza has emerged, and the United States can't help this problem.Just don't let it be out of control to the greatest comfort!


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