When the original woke up, Biden spread a big event. The 78 U.S. troops were rebellious and planned to overthrow the US government!

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Original title: When I woke up,爆炸资讯 Biden stood up on major events, 78 U.S. troops retrograde, planned to overthrow the US government!

According to the Observer Network quoted the Associated Press recently reported that the Ministry of Defense Supervisor released the "Extremeist Annual Report" of the US military in the 2023 fiscal year. The data once again exposed the "extremist behavior" widely existed in the US military, causing the outside world to heightfocus on.According to the Pentagon Report, in the fiscal year of 2023, the US military departments received a total of 183 "extremist allegations", of which the army occupied the big head, as many as 130 controlled soldiers;The Marine Corps was 10 people each -and the just -established American "Space Force", actually four people were suspected of participating in "extremist activities".

The reasons for the emergence of a large number of extreme ideology in the United States are also traceable. First of all, US debt issues. The U.S. Treasury bonds are bonds issued by the US government to global investors and are the main financing methods of the US government.The credit level of US Treasury bonds has always been considered the highest because the US government has the ability to repay debt on time.However, the US government's fiscal situation has grown more and more in recent years, and the increasing deficit and debt have questioned the reputation of US Treasury bonds.Especially, in the context of the deterioration of Sino -US relations, China as one of the largest national debt holdings in the United States has begun to reduce holdings of US Treasury bonds and expresses its distrust of the US government.


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