US President Biden said that Yemen had a ceasefire to save "countless" life

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Ink "> U.S. President Joe Biden said that Yemen's one -year truce" saved the lives of countless people "and called on all parties to adopt measures to reach a long -lasting peace agreement to end several years of conflict.

On the occasion of the above remarks, other well -known people such as the UN special envoy Hans Grenberg warned that the country was facing a "critical moment" after the Fire Fire Agreement in Yemen was a significant reduction in the battle.

"The anniversary is an important milestone -the Yamen War is one -year. This year saved the lives of countless Yemen people, so that more humanitarian aid can flow nationwide, so that Yemen people can travel throughout the Middle East., And created conditions for comprehensive and peaceful, "Biden said in a statement.

He said that maintaining a ceasefire and promoting a comprehensive peace plan "has always been the main focus of my government's contact with our partners in the Middle East."

Biden said that the United States is fully committed to supporting regional partners and preventing Saudi Arabia and the UAE's "Iran's attack".

He said: "Last year, the Vietnamese attack from Yemen had stopped, and the air strikes in Yemen also stopped. This was another positive result of the ceasefire."

The US State Department also expressed its views on the anniversary of the ceasefire, urging all parties to "seize this opportunity to create a more bright future for the people of Yemen."

"Vedant Patel), a US State Department spokesman, said:" The suspension is a more comprehensive agreement on a more comprehensive agreement.Another important step. "

自2021年以来一直担任瑞典外交官和联合国特使的格伦德伯格称,在联合国斡旋下于2022年4月生效的Børn Fodboldtrøjer火速资讯休战是一个“希望的Fake Sneakers时刻”,并表示尽管在10月失效,www.perfectkickshub.com火速资讯但它It is basically maintained.

"But the most important promise of the truce of Glorenberg said that it may start a tolerance political process, which aims to comprehensively and sustainable conflicts."

Yemen's about ten years of war directly or indirectly took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and triggered one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

"There is still a major risk." He called for "protecting the results of the ceasefire and further promoting humanitarian rescue, national suspension and sustainable political solutions to meet the desire of men and women in Yemen."

In the Yemen War, Iran and Saudi Arabia, which supported the enemy, announced a reconciliation agreement last month, adding optimism to the offspring of last year.

Riyadh represents a military alliance, which was overturned, and Tehran supported Hassas Anti -Government forces.The Case of the Hersen was armed in 2014 to control the capital of Yemen.

As the new fatal battle and rebels issued a warning, Gran Deberg said: "In recent weeks, the upgrades of military, economic and speech upgrades remind people that the achievements of the off -war are fragile."

He urged the government to "sit together and take responsibilities to make a serious dialogue", which will lead to "peaceful resolution of conflict."

Yemen still has serious division in regional, sectarian and political aspects, and is torn by hostile systems such as Al QAEDA and ISIS.

"At this critical moment, any new temporary or part of the arrangement needs to include a clear commitment of all parties to ensure that this is a step on the road to peaceful solution ... in a tolerance political process."

"The moment like now is fleeting and precarious," he said.

"Now more than ever needed to make dialogue, compromise, show leadership and realize a serious willingness to realize peace."


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