The US House of Representatives officially authorized the impeachment investigation, Biden responded: gimmick

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On December 13,热门事件 local time, the Republican House controlled by the Republican Party passed a vote on the same day to formally authorize the impeachment investigation of President Biden.According to Reuters, although this effort is almost impossible for the Democratic Senate to be approved, it may still affect Biden's election and grant Republicans more legal power.

According to reports, the House of Representatives passed the resolution with 221 votes in favor and 212 votes. The impeachment survey will be based on foreign business transactions from his son Heng Endon and other family members.Improper benefits and other content.One day before, the House of Representatives' Rules Committee passed the resolution of authorized investigation.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives James Komo said to reporters shortly after the voting passed: "We are very satisfied with today's voting results. I think this has sent a loud and clear information to the White House."It is pointed out that the formalization of investigations will help investigators "make key characters talk to us in a timely manner" and get more documents.

Biden said that the vote was "unprecedented political gimmick."In a statement he issued shortly after the vote, he said: "They did not do anything to help improve the life of Americans, but focused on attacking me with lies ... Even the Republicans in Congress acknowledged this gimmickThere is no factual basis. "Biden mentioned problems such as the US domestic economy, the southern border, Ukraine and Israel, and accused the Republicans of Congress unwilling to help these" emergency work that needed to complete "to help.

On December 12, local time, the US President Biden and Ukrainian President Zelei Sky held a joint press conference after meeting with Ukrainian President Zelei.Picture source: Visual China

Reuters said that impeachment Biden's efforts will almost definitely fail. The Democratic Party currently occupies 51:49 in the Senate, and the impeachment motion is almost impossible.However, the report analysis believes that the formal authorized investigation can still give Republicans more legal power, forcing the Bayeon government to cooperate, and help to counterattack Democrats' accusations on the lack of legitimacy of the investigation, and caused the election of Biden's election.Influence.

In response to Biden's impeachment survey began in September this year. At that time, the former US House Speaker McCarthy unilaterally launched an investigation, accusing Bayeng when he served as the vice president of his son's business transactions and family financial issues.Judicial and corruption ".

According to the information disclosed by the media, the Republican Party's questioning of Biden focuses on 4 aspects: the Bayeng family is suspected of receiving foreign funds; Hunter is suspected of abusing Biden's personal "brand";Wu's largest natural gas supplier Blissma's investigation, Hunter has served as a director of the company; Biden was suspected of manipulating the judicial department to intervene in investigations on Heng Special taxes.

The White House accused Republicans' investigation out of political motivation.On Monday (11th), Hunter was summoned to testify at the House of Representatives on the 13th, but he ignored the committee of the committee and said that he was only willing to testify publicly to prevent his testimony from distorting."There is no evidence to support the allegations of my father's economic participation in my business, because this does not happen."

In response, the Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said on the 13th on the 13th on the social media platform X (former Twitter): "President Biden continued to obstruct the legal subpoena of Congress.The status can be executed in court. "

Reuters previously commented that impeachment presidents were not common in American history. Only Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been impeached, and none of them were guilty by the Senate.However, as the struggle between the United States became more and more intense, the threshold of the impeachment procedure seemed to be declining year by year.Trump suffered impeachment in 2019 and 2021, and became the only president in the United States twice to impeach.


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