[Xining] 11 key commercial enterprises in the New Year's Day holiday realized sales of 40.768 million yuan

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  On January 2nd,特快资讯 the reporter learned from the Xining City Bureau of Commerce that during the New Year's Day holiday, the operation of the festival consumer goods market in Xining City showed a stable trend, and 11 key commercial enterprises realized sales of 40.768 million yuan.

  In order to fully ensure the supply of the festival market, Xining guides the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline product collection and distribution centers, etc., to increase the organization of essential goods for living goods, and enrich the variety of festivals.At the same time, according to the work deployment of the Xining Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Xining organized 146 affordable vegetable supply outlets to carry out price supply. A total of more than 255 tons of vegetables and over 29.3 tons of eggs were supplied to meet the consumer demand for festivals.

  During the festival, the Commercial Bureau of Chengdong District, Chengbei District, and Chengxi District of Xining City carried out electronic consumer vouchers with the theme of "Gathering the City of East Music", "Funlang City Beichang", "Welcome New Year's Day",, To drive festival key business and trade enterprises and catering companies to consume.Xining City adopted a government -enterprise linkage to invest 10 million yuan in consumption funds, and launched the "New Year's Eve Westing of the People in the Countryside" activity to drive the consumption of car.Enterprises and consumers have increased significantly.In addition, the consumption of Xining Family Contests, etc., has also led to the prosperity of the catering consumer market.


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