The United States will not be given one point, Zerrenji is splashed with cold water, and Bayeng has no choice for 200 million to soothe Wu.

Emergencies Current Affairs

On December 13th,Emergencies a video of a joint press conference on Zelei and Biden's joint press conference. One of the details was particularly in line with the current scene.Biden took out the toilet paper and wiped the snot, and then put the toilet paper in the pocket.This series of actions not only reflects Biden's age, but also reflects that he is powerless when he faces some of the constraints in the United States.

In addition, Zellezzki needed $ 60 billion in assistance. Biden had proposed to Congress but was not approved.200 million US dollars is because of the PDA bill authorized by Congress, there are not much money that can be used.

At the press conference, Zeleiqi still expressed the determination of Ukraine to continue to compete with Russia, but Biden's words are different from before.Assistance.On the premise of Biden specifically mentioned "capable", it does not refer to US funds, weapons and the like, but the ability to allow Congress to agree with Uhbi.

But there is not much time left for Ukraine. In a few days, it is Christmas abroad.The trip to the United States is also a huge trauma.Biden also told reporters that if the United States cannot provide assistance to Ukraine, it is the best "Christmas gift" for Putin.

This sentence also means that before Christmas, it is important to allow Congress to pass the funds of Aidu.For Ukraine, with a assistance of $ 60 billion, the Ukraine can continue to compete with the Russian army next year. However, if there is no money with European assistance, Ukraine wants to continue to persist, which can be said to be very difficult.


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