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Hello everyone,hot news Xiaobian came to answer for friendsBiden announced that he had blackenedKnowledge, aboutBiden's introductionMany people don't know yet, let's take a look now!

Since the price of gasoline has risen, the sales of electric new energy vehicles have also continued to increase. Many people who drove oil cars were idle at home, and they said that they could not afford the oil.Although oil prices have a tendency to decline, the decline is very small and does not have a great relief effect.On July 25, 2022, US President Biden published an article on his official account, boasting that the price of oil prices fell.However, this article has attracted a lot of netizens, because netizens found pictures from Biden, and some words were actually wrong.

Biden has always boasted that the price of gasoline in the United States has been falling on the software, but the accusations of netizens are relentless. Netizens said that the price of gasoline in the United States is twice as much as Biden took office, so I think this is not this is notAn thing that can be bragged.When Payon published an article, it was said that the price of Tong oil at the moment is compared to the highest peak. Each person may spend 35 US dollars per person for each person. If there are two cars in the home, onlyCan spend 70 dollars less.

After this article was posted, it can be said that it has caused uproar on the Internet. Many people are ridiculed Bayeng because the words in English words are "PERSON", but in Bayeng's article, this word is made into "PESON PESON"" ".Some people are ridiculed this wrong word, while others blame the decline in oil prices. In fact, they have nothing to do with Biden, but Biden grabbed this credit on himself.

Many media people are laughing at the White House who can make such a low -level mistake, because at least 5 people are involved or more in the middle of the sending, but there will still be such obvious mistakes.Work is very unconventional and responsible.Moreover, Biden's article said that each person will spend 35 yuan less per month, but since the oil price rises, the money per month on gasoline is spent $ 100 more before Biden took office, so this time this articleOnly then will cause so many people's ridicule.

On July 21st, Biden said on the related social platform that he had cancer, and many netizens said that they could not touch their heads.The White House made an urgent text clarifying, what is the fact?In related written articles, we can know that the cancer in Biden's mouth is a skin cancer that was suffered from last year.And Biden had removed skin cancer before taking office in the United States, that is, the problem has long been solved. The problem that everyone cares about is actually that it is nothing, and the silver is not prepared to meet the current actual situation.

Then everyone will be puzzled again, why should Bayeng say that?In fact, since the US President Biden took office, many careful netizens found that there was a lot of errors in his mouth. He even had no less than three times in a month.In the face of a lot of facts, we will understand that the original statement of Biden was just one case.It has nothing to do with the facts and has nothing to do with his health. You can understand what a basic fact is. The specific problems do not need to continue to delve into it.

After learning about the news of Biden's illness, he immediately launched a fierce discussion and expressed his concern for his health.There are also related doctors publish articles on related social platforms, saying that when you are not sick, do not formally face the masses and say that you are sick.The implication is to clarify to everyone that in fact, the US President Biden was not sick, and it also expressed helplessness in Biden's behavior.All signs are undoubtedly not telling everyone that Biden said that the news of his illness is indeed a false information.Orange feast

Biden can be said to have been responsible since taking office. I believe that everyone hopes that the US President Biden can be healthy, maintain a positive attitude, and continue to serve the development of the United States.At the same time, I also hope that the US President Biden will continue to get along with China in the future, maintain a friendly state, and build diplomatic relations peacefully.

After becoming the President of the United States, Biden even appeared for a period of time, and he had a "joke" in the world.President, even Dan's calling Putin into Trump. Such mistakes can be said to make people have to doubt, is Biden pretending to be stupid or really becoming more stupid?After this news has been sent, many people inside the United States have begun to doubt whether Mozi Hymo's disease has reached a very serious level. After all, Biden is very old., But in the process of talking about leaders of various countries, I do not think that Biden is really stupid. On the contrary, these behaviors of Biden want to reduce Trump’s influence in the United States after becoming the president of the United States.Not only can everyone pay more attention to this new president to a certain extent, but also allows everyone to have some other cognitions of Trump in his words, so that Trump can gradually eliminate Trump among the American population.The status and influence.Then, in addition to the connotation in this regard, another way is to make international leaders think that Biden has no actual ability, and thinks that he is a person with insufficient ability, and even makes American residents feel very very very very very very very very very very likelyWorrying, but his behavior is really just his own performance. His real ability must be very strong. After all, a person can become a president and even defeat Trump.It is obvious to all, so his actions may be to show the weakness internationally, allowing various countries to underestimate the president, hold Qi Qi and then use his various abilities to achieve the sky.Therefore, I personally think that Biden's international behavior does not prove that he is really stupid. Often, a person can do such behavior internationally to prove that he is very relaxed, his brain is very sober, and can even be said to be intentional.

Recently, according to US media reports and a video recorded by Biden himself appeared in the White House, it also confirmed that he was infected with the new coronal virus.Of course, the new crown of Biden's infection has indeed triggered many discussions in the international community.

The 79 -year -old Biden is the oldest president in American history.After learning that the test results of his new crown virus were positive, he also deliberately posted a video on social media that he repented and announced that he had nothing to do with himself, and his body only felt a mild condition.He said that he had inoculated two doses of vaccine, two doses to strengthen the needle, and the symptoms were mild, and he claimed that he continued to complete the work during the isolation.

The White House also explained that President Biden's infection with the new crown virus claimed that Mr. President would continue to perform his duties.Although Biden is currently only a mild condition such as runny nose, dry cough, fatigue, etc., it has begun to take new crown therapy drugs.

In fact, President Biden also met some international political members one week before the new crown virus test was positive.Judging from President Biden before, he has been in contact with leaders and politics in many countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq, and Iraq.This includes the Israeli Prime Minister Ripid, former Prime Minister Neitaniaho, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed and Palestinian President Abbas.On July 19, the wife of Ukraine President Zeleki, who came from the White House on July 19.

According to a White House official, US Vice President Harris had close contact with Biden on Tuesday this week.But from now on, no one who has been in close contact with the president has been positive recently.At present, President Biden is already taking related antiviral drugs, and its auction of blood oxygen is normal. If the results of the new crown test turn negative, Biden will continue to beolate for five days. If there is no abnormality, you can return to normal life.Continue to perform the presidential duties.

I think this cannot be used in the wrong tense. Although Biden said that he was older, he was a very smart character. How could he make such a low -level mistake when he spoke?It can only prove that he may accidentally tell his true situation.After all, he has been in the political field for so many years. I don’t believe that he will make such a mistake, so this is obviously wrong. It may be really a bird or because of his body.The situation, so he gave a speech like this, but he didn't dare to tell everyone.After all, as a leader of a country, if there is a big problem with his body, then there may be problems in this country.

This is why after he said this, the White House immediately clarified the matter and said he was wrong.But what does his physical condition look like, is he unclear himself?How could it be wrong?Such a reason can not convince the public at all.People from the White House said they didn't know why Biden said that, and they explained that Biden did suffer from skin cancer before they explained.But he had been treated when he was elected as the president of the United States, so he was healthy now without any cancer.

Later, the White House said so, he said that Biden's words meant that he had changed this disease, not to say that he had got the disease now.But I always feel that this matter is not so simple to accompany Bisan. As a president, as a person who has played a hundred battles, it will never make such a low -level mistake.Maybe I really said my inner words and wanted to tell everyone something, but I was stopped by people.After all, if the lights really have cancer at this time and the body is particularly poor, it will have a great impact on the international situation, so he dare not tell everyone this.


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