The United States is finally going to build the first high -speed rail. It was completed in 2028?

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  The United States is finally about to build a high -speed rail.

  A few days ago I went to Las Vegas, and the US President Bynden solemnly announced:"We are building the first high -speed railway route in American history. It starts here."

  It really started.After looking at the data, as of now, the total mileage of China ’s high -speed rail has exceeded 40,000 kilometers, and the United States has not yet started construction.

  Therefore, Biden also acknowledged that the United States was behind.

  He said:"The railway has made the United States the power of the world's business and innovation, united the country and established the most powerful economic circle in history. However, over time, we are behind, and our infrastructure should be the best in the world.","

  Indeed, the railway changed the United States, promoted the rise of the United States, and finally became the world's superpower.However, in infrastructure, the United States has eaten old books for a long time, high -speed rail in Europe, high -speed rail in Japan, and Indonesia now also have high -speed rail, but the United States has never been.

  Of course, not to mention China, Biden couldn't let go.

  According to Biden,"We are in the 21st century economic competition", and "Chinese trains have been running at a speed of 220 miles per hour, it has been a while."

  What about the United States?

  Bynden touched and said:"Without the best infrastructure in the world, how can we become the best economy?"

  "This is what we have to do." Biden announced in Las Vegas that it provided $ 8.2 billion in new federal funds for 10 major passenger railway projects in the United States.

  The United States is going to work!

  The first high -speed rail line is no longer the Los Angeles to San Francisco that has received much attention before.This line connects two major cities in California. It established in 2008. At that time, the budget was 30 billion US dollars and was completed in 2020.

  It passed early in 2020, and the high -speed rail was still discussing, and the budget cost had exceeded $ 100 billion. Americans silently forgot this line.

  The first high -speed rail in the United States is currently the most likely to be from Los Angeles in California to Las Vegas, Nevada.It is expected to be completed before the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

  I have to say that Biden is still a bit of complex for the railway.

  During the more than 30 years as a senator, Biden often took a train to and from Washington and his hometown in Tellawa, which won the nickname of "AMTRAK JOE (train Joe, Joe is the nickname of Biden)").Essence

  But the slow train is a feature, and the other feature is that it is inaccurate.

  极 像 哐, like China's green leather train at that time.Frankly speaking, China's green leather train is much more timely than AMTRAK.

  Oh, there is another feature, there are many accidents.In the past two years, the dislocation and turning accidents were together together to make Americans sigh.

  The high -speed rail is also a dream of Americans.Biden also said that the high -speed rail has promoted environmental protection. This high -speed rail has been discussed for decades, and now it is finally realized. The goal is to transport 31 million passengers each year and 100% use of renewable energy.

  Biden is ambitious, and the US high -speed rail is finally about to start.

  Finally, what do you think?

  Still three points.

  First, Biden is also bragging.

  This is actually very objective, because the occasion he said this is to announce his infrastructure support plan with a total of 10 projects and more than 8 billion US dollars.Among them, the Los Angeles-Las Vegas high-speed rail can get about $ 3 billion.

  But are these money enough to build a high -speed rail?

  The high -speed rail is a systematic project, and there is no money without money.

  Of course, there must be no shortage of money in the United States, so how much will this US high -speed rail cost?When can it be built?

  Second, the United States is indeed behind.

  It is also the mantra of Biden.For example, in April last year, Biden said in his speech:"If I am blindfolded in the middle of the night, take you into (the United States) Ohel Airport, and bring you into a airport in China ... You may think that China's airport is ourModernization is so different."

  Time move forward again. In October 2021, in a speech in Pennsylvania, Biden raised a question:"Do you know? How fast is the high -speed rail in China? 300 miles per hour (about 480 kilometers -the original words)!"

  Open your mouth, this is Biden.

  But envy, overflowing with words.

  In this world, if you really do n’t enter, you will retreat!Of course, Biden can have this sense of crisis, which is still admirable.

  Third, the United States, the United States, this blame yourself.

  If it is an ideal world, China has the unique technology of high -speed rail, low -cost construction solutions, and the United States has huge demand, then cooperation.

  This is beneficial to the United States and is also beneficial to China.

  Just like the Yawan high -speed rail in Indonesia, I went to sit away not long ago.Indonesian friends are very happy. Outside the carriage, they are all people taking pictures. I see that when the high -speed rail speed reaches 350 kilometers, many Indonesians stand up in the carriage and pat their hands to celebrate.

  But what about the United States?

  The United States must not have this pattern.Pulling one Mao to China?The United States is absolutely unplugged, even if this is actually more beneficial to the United States.

  Ignorance is not an obstacle to survival, and arrogance is!

  Then the final question comes,Can the first high -speed rail in the United States be built in 2028?


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