The "closure" of China is too fierce in Biden, and anger the EU for fighting back.

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Unexpectedly,热议资讯 one day, we could see the "nest in the nest" of the United States and its allies. Not to mention that the European Union was really bone. In the face of the American cross, its attitude was not ambiguous.

This is what happened.Two days ago, the U.S. government issued a new rule on electric vehicle subsidies.In this regulation, it explains in detail how electric vehicles can obtain a federal tax credit of up to $ 7,500.Obviously, this new regulations in the United States come to China.

The new regulations clearly stated that starting from 2024, new energy vehicles that meet the conditions of reduction and exemptions are not allowed to contain battery modules containing "attracting foreign entities" manufacturing or assembly.Since 2025, vehicles cannot contain "key minerals extracted, processed or recovered by these entities."The so -called "attracting attention from foreign entities" refers to companies owned, controlled or jurisdiction -owned by North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran.In simple terms, the United States is taking measures to prevent China from dominating the electric vehicle supply chain.

However, the United States is extremely extreme.While it is ruthless to China, it is also "painful to kill" for yourself and the European Union.

First of all, it is impossible to "close" Chinese electric vehicles completely, which will only make the United States hit hard.On the one hand, the United States is temporarily unable to completely separate from China's electric vehicle components. If forcibly stripping the two will not only increase the cost of production in the United States, but also destroy the cooperation between US companies and Chinese enterprises, causing a major economy in economicsLosses; on the other hand, new energy models that meet the subsidy conditions in the US market only account for only 20%of all models, that is, most of the models in the US market are mainly fossil fuel.The emergence of new regulations means that the energy transformation of the American automobile industry will be hindered. After all, the "threshold" card is so strict, and the number of electric vehicles is naturally less.International image.

Secondly, the "defense" of the United States for China has also affected the interests of the EU.It is said.The United States does not even allow some EU and Japanese cars to receive subsidies.In Japan, the European Union's "unknown" of the European Union really took action.According to the German "Star" Weekly, the European Union has severely criticized the United States to only provide bonuses for the purchase of electric vehicles made in the country, and also introduced a Spanish government plan with 837 million euros.According to the production of electric vehicle batteries according to the EU countries' aid rules, it is the backbone of American behavior.

It can be seen that the European Union has been very dissatisfied with the United States and is taking action to protect its own interests.Of course, this also shows that the European Union does not want to become the vassal of the United States, but hopes to have more autonomy and discourse rights in international trade.


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