The wind direction has changed! Before the Central and European Summit was held, Biden also organized the G7 summit, and the topic was rarely mentioned in China.

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As we all know,News Express the Central European Summit will be held in Beijing on December 7.However, the day before the summit, the G7 group led by the United States also organized an online meeting.Surprisingly, the G7 Group's attitude towards China seems to have changed. In the problems, it is rare to mention China.So, what is the specific situation?What are the reasons that have caused G7 to change the attitude towards China?

(American President Biden)

According to the White House, the background of the G7's meeting was held, and the United States was held without the unknown assistance to Ukraine.As a firm supporter of Ukraine, US President Biden intends to participate in the meeting in person.In addition, there is a special thing that considering that the meeting was held in an online event, it was not intended to disclose the news to the external media, but closed the door.This adds a lot of mysterious colors to the G7 meeting held this time.

However, although the White House did not release news to the outside world, the Japanese side conveyed a very important message to the outside world on the eve of the meeting.Matsuna Koda Matsuna, the chief of the Japanese cabinet official room, said that in the online video conference of the G7 leaders, the main discussions include three points, one is to discuss the situation in Ukraine, the other is to discuss the situation in the Middle East, and the third is artificial intelligence issues.And summarize the related work this year to determine the close cooperation within the G7.In addition, he also added that President of Ukraine Zelleiski will make relevant speeches at the beginning of the summit.

(Japanese Cabinet Official Chief Officer Matsuno Hiro)

That is to say, the main content of the Summit held by the G7 Group this time focuses on the current international hotspot issues, and the probability will not mention any content -related content.Obviously, this is very different from the "Chinese topic" when the G7 Group convened a meeting.

You know, the Seven Kingdoms Group is composed of 7 western developed countries, the United States, Japan, Italy, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France.These countries have been paying attention to China's development and influence for a long time, especially in terms of economy, trade and politics.More importantly, under the leadership of the "leader" in the United States, the Seven Kingdoms Group is more to safeguard the interests of developed countries, without considering it at all, and even suppressing the development of sanctioning other countries.

As Brazilian President Lula said before, the Seven Kingdoms Group did not play internationally at all.To say that the Seventh Kingdom Group has suppressed all countries for a long time, China is definitely the country that has the most right to speak.

(The Seventh Kingdom Group held a summit)

For example, at the G7 Foreign Minister's meeting held in April this year, the Seven Kingdoms Group not only painted Chinese internal politics, but also accused China of "disturbing the stability of the Asia -Pacific situation."It can be clearly seen that the G7 Group, which is a platform for economic cooperation, has become a tool for Western countries, mainly to limit China's development.

For another example, at the G7 summit held in Hiroshima, Japan in May this year, in just 3 days, the Seven Kingdoms Group talked about the issues related to China and put forward four requirements for China. The attitude can be described as arrogant.Among these four requirements, there are many unreasonable demands such as choosing a team in Russia and Ukraine.In the final analysis, the purpose of the Seven Kingdoms Group is to allow China to comply with the "small circle rules" represented by the United States. Among them, it is full of thinking that is full of long -arms jurisdiction, which has seriously violated China's internal affairs.Therefore, the four requirements put forward by the Seven Kingdoms Group not only will not agree, but also need to fight back at the right time.

(G7 Group Leader Meeting)

There is no doubt that there was only a conference in the United States before, and it would inevitably become "anti -China".At the meeting held this time, the main issues of the Seven Kingdoms Group did not intend to involve China, which obviously had some wind direction.So, what are the reasons for the change of the seven Kingdoms Group's attitude towards China?

First of all, it is naturally related to the current international situation.It is understood that so far, the US Congress has not reached an agreement on assisting Ukraine's $ 61 billion in US $ 61 billion, and the previous allocation of funds will be used up.Losing the strong capital assistance in the United States, for Ukraine, it is like a fish that loses water.The United States can't get money now, and the member states of the Seventh Kingdom Group are naturally in a state of wait and see.

(Washington, USA, Congress Building)

Moreover, for the Seventh Kingdom Group, a Russian conflict has limited their economy to terrible stagnation quagmires.What's more terrible is that with the assistance of the United States before the Russian conflict, there was no sign of stagnation.This means that the economies of all members of the Seventh Kingdom Group, especially the European member states, will face serious tests.What's more, Western countries and Russia flipping their faces has caused such serious damage. If there are any crickets between China in the world's second largest economy, what kind of consequences they will face are probably unpredictable.

Secondly, the Central European Summit was held.On the eve of the China -Europe Leadership Summit, the Seven Kingdoms Group is still talking about the content involved in China. Isn't this equivalent to finding hard to eat?You know, four of the member states of the Seventh Kingdom Group are European countries.This means that even if the United States is interested in bringing private goods in the meeting, more than half of participants will not be willing to offend China publicly.

(China and the European Union will start the summit)

Moreover, the facts have proven that most member states in the Seventh Kingdoms Group have difficulty in identifying the attitude of being harmed in China as the United States.Therefore, the so -called "China threat theory" and other issues will not be mentioned at the meeting.


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