The well -known host broke the news: There was something wrong with Biden's mind, and in the middle of the night, he walked naked in the White House!

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Recently,热门新闻 Alex Jones, a well -known American host, broke the news in the show in front of Fox host Karson, saying that President Biden would walk naked in the White House at night.This news has aroused widespread attention and also caused people to doubt Biden's health.

According to Alex Jones, President Biden has become more and more abnormal in the past two and a half years.He will stroll naked at night and seems to have no knowledge of his identity and situation.And this situation seems to need a lot of drugs to maintain.President Biden's daily routine is also quite strange. He went out for a short time during the day and attended the ball at night.However, such a lifestyle seems to bring him a lot of trouble.

Karson further broke the news, saying that he learned that someone had witnessed President Bayeng's drug abuse and took amphiomal life during the 2020 election.These rumors have questioned President Biden's physical health and governance ability.

In fact, this is not the first rumor about President Biden's health.As early as the campaign, there were media reports that Biden had a poor physical condition and even suspected that he had dementia.The naked strolling incident made these rumors very loud.

After all, this incident was reported by American reporters, and in the United States, you can scold anyone, including the president, as if the statement of this country will not be controlled.Therefore, this matter is true or false, and no one is not sure. Anyway, some people have said these things in our country.

However, despite rumors about President Biden's health, he is still fulfilling the presidential duties and promoting the development of the country in the direction of destruction.From this perspective, we should pay more attention to the policy direction of the Biden government and the planning for the future of the country, rather than paying too much attention to his personal life.


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