The US House of Representatives will vote whether to conduct a Biden impeachment investigation, what does it mean?

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According to the Xinhua News Agency quoted foreign media reports,爆炸资讯 the Republicans of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress will be officially determined on Wednesday (13th) on Wednesday (13th) to conduct a vote on Biden's impeachment investigation.

"We must take the next step." Speaker of the House of Representatives and Republican Republican Johnson said at a press conference held with other Republican leaders on the 12th. "We are not making political decisions. This is a legal decision.We cannot judge the results in advance, we must chase the truth. "

Democrats of the House of Representatives believed that this voting made former US President Donald Trump's political retaliation reaching its peak."Obviously, they tried to harm Biden politically to help Trump's re -election." PETE AGUILAR, chairman of the Democratic Party's core group and a member of the California Democratic Party, said on Tuesday.

Why does the Republican Party hold this vote?

The impeachment survey for Biden has been ongoing since September 12, 2023. At that time, the former US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy unilaterally launched an investigation.

At that time, McCarthy officially launched an impeachment survey without holding a vote of the House of Representatives. The reason for no vote was that he had not been able to get enough votes to support.However, McCarthy's related practices have been repeatedly criticized by the Democratic Party and the White House.

Johnson said in a statement on the day that they could only hold votes "no choice" because the White House was obstructing the Republican investigation."We have been in an impasse, and the process of pursuing facts is running around because the White House is preventing investigations." Johnson said.

The White House said that the reason why they questioned Congress's investigation was that "the Constitution advocated that all members of the House of Representatives voted to authorize the impeachment investigation, and then the committee could launch an impeachment investigation procedure."

It is reported that Republicans have obtained a private financial record of 35,000 pages and testimony at least 36 hours.

Sams, a spokesman responsible for supervision and investigation, said that the impeachment investigation resolution was "unprecedented gimmick."

What does impeachment vote mean?

Republicans said that the formal investigation will strengthen their subpoena to obtain more documents and testimony.

Republicans said their investigation hopes to find out whether Biden has participated in business transactions that use his reputation to seek benefits for his family and whether he uses the Ministry of Justice to provide special treatment to his son Hende Biden.

At the same time, Republicans said that voting support for impeachment investigations is not equal to impeachment.Most of the Republican Republican Party whip Emmer said on Tuesday: "If they find evidence of the tradition, bribery or other felony and light crimes, then it will only consider the next step of the impeachment procedure at that time."

Don Bacon, a gentle Republican member of Nebraska, said he would vote to support the impeachment investigation.On Tuesday, he was asked if the investigation was officially changed, and whether the voting of impeachment Biden answered "I don't think so."

Johnson said in an interview that he expects the resolution to be approved in the House tomorrow.

If the vote is approved, the impeachment investigation against Biden will last until 2024. Biden is running for re -election. It is likely to start a confrontation with Trump facing a number of criminal charges, and the latter was impeached twice during his term.

The success of the impeachment investigation voting requires almost all the Republicans of the House of Representatives must vote for votes.Given that the Republican Party with a weak majority advantage of 221-213, this is also regarded as a major test of unity within the Republican Party.


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