The United States claims that all 8 people died on the US military in Japan, and Biden expressed condolences

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The热门新闻 news of the U.S. military came, and the "Merlog" transport aircraft had an accident. Eight U.S. military fell into the sea. The Japanese responded strongly. After 6 days of silence, the Bayeon government gave a statement, and the Chinese side urged the United States to give an explanation.

According to Xinhuanet, a few days ago, a US "鱼 鹰" transport aircraft disappeared from the radar half an hour after taking off. Finally, it was confirmed that it fell in the Japanese sea. It was equipped with 8 people on board and the level was not low.Including "rare level" character: fighter engineer, the US wave is a big loss.

In this regard, Japan responded strongly, demanding that the "fish eagle" immediately was required, and the United States was required to take measures to fly the model. At the same time, it urged the United States to conduct a thorough investigation and give a reasonable explanation.

Unexpectedly, the United States still performed myself and ignored Japan's requirements. The "Merlog" still flew around in Japan, and the take -off and landing more than a hundred times made the Ryukyu people very resentful.

After all, no one knew when there was another "fish eagle" smashed down, and no one dared to guarantee that the next crash was crashing in the sea or falling in the urban area, shouting the United States all day long.

After 6 days of silence, the Biden government finally stated.According to the China News Network on December 6, it quoted the Japanese current Affairs News Agency reported that US President Biden issued a statement on Tuesday confirmed that 8 people on board were uninhabited and expressed condolences.Essence

A preliminary investigation believes that the crash may be caused by potential material failures.Some witnesses of Japan said that the "击” "transport aircraft had a fire before falling to the sea, and the fuselage had been overwhelmed, speculating that it was caused by mechanical failure.Some foreign media believe that it is a fire caused by material issues, but the United States has not announced the specific reasons.

In fact, this is not the first accident in the "这” "transport aircraft. However, the crash last week can be said to be the worst in recent years, and 8 people on the plane have no life.

From the four crashing incidents from March to last week, at least 20 people died.The Associated Press pointed out that from the test stage to the official service, more than 50 soldiers have been killed in the accident.

In fact, "Merlon" was originally a model with serious defects. The accident rate was among the best. In recent years, two years have been dropped.Some netizens joked: The United States falls once every three or five days.

It is reported that "Mersticks" is also a Boeing company. In recent years, the number of air crash accidents around the world has obviously obviously obvious in the world.The degree of trust in manufacturing "security is also disappeared.

Last month, before the Chinese leader went to San Francisco to conduct the first meeting of China and the United States, the US media also speculated that Chinese was interested in buying Boeing 737max. I wonder what kind of heart?


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