The United States announced plans to build the first high -speed railway

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Biden announced the construction of the first high -speed railway in the United States,frontline information which was part of the Railway Network upgrade plan worth 8.2 billion US dollars.
US President Joe Biden announced a series of railway upgrade plans to use federal funds during his visit to Las Vegas on December 8.The Biden government hopes to build the first US high -speed rail line from Las Vegas to Los Angeles by 2028.
This high -speed rail will shorten the drive to 2 hours and 40 minutes, while driving takes 5 hours.The goal of the United States is to double the number of railway passenger transport by 2040.
"You don't know how happy I am," Biden said in Texas.The project will be "re -returned to the railway with the world's fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly system."

On December 8, US President Joe Biden gave a speech at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Biden said that China's train speed is as high as 350 kilometers per hour and criticized the former President Donald Trump during his tenure that he did not improve the infrastructure of the United States during his term.
"He likes to say that the United States is a failed country," Biden said."He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about."
Mr. Biden is famous for his love of the railway. When he serves as a senator, he often takes a train to work from Tellawa's home to Washington.
A $ 8.2 billion railway project is part of the infrastructure investment plan immediately promoted after Biden took office. The plan allocated $ 66 billion for passenger trains.
This is the largest fund assigned to the passenger railway industry since the establishment of AMTRAK in 1971.The establishment of AMTRAK is to reduce the burden of transportation private and public passengers.Operate the intercity railway across the United States.
Laura Mason Executive Vice President of the Railway Railway said: "The project will become a turning point in the US passenger railway industry."
This budget will be used to build a new railway line and expand existing lines, increase services, upgrade stations, and build modern high -speed trains.The line between San Francisco and Los Angeles is under construction, similar to the Los Angeles -Las Vegas line, and will receive about $ 3 billion in funds.
The route connecting Louisiana's New Orleans and Alabama Mobil will be reopened after being destroyed by Cartre Hurricane for nearly 20 years.
Jim Mattheus, chairman of the US Railway Passenger Association, said that the train played an important role in the western expansion of the 19th century, but today's railway network is only at the basic level.
Railway services in the northeast are still relatively normal, but passengers need two to two and a half days from eastern United States to west."You must change your car in Chicago," Matthews said."If you want a ticket for sleeper carriages, you must book a few months in advance."

On November 28, Laura Mason (right), deputy director of the US Railway Corporation, took the platform on the joint station of Washington, DC.


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