The top show appeared, China launched a charm offensive, and the three major leaders of the European Union came to Beijing for peace

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Theexclusive information top show appeared, China launched a charm offensive, and the EU's "three giants" appeared in Beijing and sent a signal to China.HH?

According to media reports, three top EU officials such as Feng Delin, Michelle, and Berrelli appeared in Beijing at the same time to participate in the 24th China-EU leadership meeting.

The Chairman of the European Commission, the representative of the European Council, and the senior representative of the European Union's security and external policies appeared in China, which aroused the world's attention.Some media pointed out that the meeting may not be able to completely thaw the relationship between the EU and China, but under the charm of the Chinese side, China -Europe relations are likely to usher in an important turning point, and the three major leaders gathered in ChinaIt is the first highlight of the debut.

Some time ago, the European Union announced that it launched an anti -subsidy investigation on China's electric vehicle industry, which caused strong dissatisfaction among China and was also opposed by many member states.But Brussels still launched the survey in October and suspended the China -Europe investment agreement.

What is China's charm?It is a huge market, a complete industrial chain, and an indispensable factor in the European economic recovery.Therefore, from the perspective of relevant people, China does not need to show too much reaction, and Europe has to be convinced by China's charm.

At the same time, although the European Union is talking about "risks", Europe is inseparable from China whether in the supply chain and green environmental protection technology.Coupled with the fruit suspension of the end of the US election next year, Europe needs to ease the relationship with China.After all, once Trump comes to power, the relationship between the United States and Europe will probably usher in a major change.

To put it bluntly, in order to their own interests, the United States can do everything. Don't look at Biden as an allies now. At that time, Trump will get ruthless. The first one who starts to harvest is the European Union.By then, Europe may need China than ever.

From the perspective of analysts, the collective visiting Beijing's three major leaders in the EU is actually seeking peace with the Chinese side.Aside from Berley, Feng Delin and Michelle, the two EU officials, appeared in Beijing at the same time, itself was a very surprising thing.

Von Delin and Michelle Bosten are already a public secret within the European Union.Some time ago, when the two were visiting the United States, the White House had to meet them separately in two different locations.It can be seen from this that the contradiction between the two is very fierce.


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