Save Li Zaiming's life, can't save his political life?

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We will openTheCurrent Affairs hate political age of President Li was stabbed."

After two hours of vascular reconstruction surgery under the severe care room, the largest Democratic Party of South Korea, Lee Zaoming, was confirmed that he had no life.

On the morning of January 2nd, when Li Zaiming attended the event at Busan, a man dressed as his supporters stabbed with a small knife with a small knife.Fortunately, the attacker's thorn "is not the carotid artery, but the cervical vein, almost causing a disaster."

Li Zaiming's friend and former Director of the Greenwa State Political Operation Office governed the Plant on the 2nd on the 2nd that Li Zaiming, who will be 60 years old this year, will "have recovered a lot" after the hunger strike in September last year.Now he has encountered a thorn again. "He has a strong personality and believes that he can recover again."

The continuous impact of the assassination incident did not end due to Li Zaiming's departure from life.With the Korean media reported that the attacker is a member of the common Democratic Party, a debate about whether the assassination is "inner fight" or "conspiracy", and is on social media.Faced with police trials, the 67 -year -old attacker closed his mouth without talking about his motivation, but it only made it clear that he "tried to kill" Li Zaiming.

When Li was assassinated, his leadership of the South Korean progress camp was in the largest internal turmoil since 2021.In April 2024, South Korea is about to usher in the election of parliament. The current support rate of President Yin Xiyue has made the progressive camp win a high probability event.The common Democratic Party, led by Wen Zaiyin's "Love General" and former South Korean Prime Minister Li Luoyuan, believes that this is the best time to overthrow Li Zaiming's leadership.

After the assassination incident, the common Democratic Party "Anti -Detective" member of the Democratic Party, which had originally planned to escape the party's self -reliance on the first week of the New Year, expressed its suspension.However, with the approaching time of the Congress election in April, Li Zaiming's bleeding incident will not be known whether it can be re -united in the promotion camp.

On January 2nd, in Busan, South Korea, Li Zaiming was carried on the stretcher by the rescue team.Photo/Visual China

Hate politics

Sincere and quiet, it is the description of the residents of the Daoshan area of Zhongqingnan South Daoshan.On the morning of January 2nd, Jin wore his own "support Li Zaiming" paper crown, smiled and shouted "Sign a word, sign a word", approached Li Zaiming, and then stabbed Li Zaiming's throat with a small knife of about 18 cm.

In the afternoon, South Korea's "Central Daily" contacted a number of locals who knew Jin.In their description, Jin's professionalism, friendliness, inconspicuous, no criminal records, rarely conflict with others.But people know that "he is a member of the Democratic Party" and "get along well with some political conservative residents."However, some media said that Jin's name was not on the list of members of the local Democratic Party.In this regard, the common Democratic Party has not responded positively.

Li Zaiming's supporters believe that the attacker is premeditated to pretend to be Li Zaiming's supporters in order to assassinate to approach.It is certain that Jin did have a thorough plan.Police disclosed that he bought weapons on the Internet in advance.

More than half a month ago, on December 13, 2023, Jin wore the eye -catching blue paper crown at another common Democratic rally in Busan.The video screen and witnesses revealed that he waited for Li Zaiming's arrival and tried to get ahead when the team arrived, but was blocked by the crowd and failed to approach Li Zaiming.

"Obviously, the attacker continued to pay close attention to the daily activities of the victims for a long time." Li Xiujing, a professor of criminal psychology at Gyeonggi University on January 2, told the media, "From this perspective, it is difficult to regard it as it is difficult for it to be regarded as it as a" perspective.Terrorist attacks caused by mental illness. I think he is a person with his own political goals. "

Many political assassinations have occurred in South Korea's history. President Park Jung -hee and Quan Douhuan of the military rule have suffered severe political assassinations, and the former died.However, after the democratization of the 1990s, although the successive South Korean presidents, including Wen Zaiyin, have received a threat of death, and Roh Moo -hyun and Li Mingbo have been thrown up with eggs, but serious assassinations such as Li Zaiming's assassination are still from the assassination.Yet to happen.

The closest to this incident was that in 2006, when Park Geun -hye, then the leader of the great national party, was stabbed by a 50 -year -old man Chi Zhonghao with a US worker knife.Park Geun -hye recalled in the autobiography that at that time, "I have no time to feel that the pain comes from the blade, and the pain has penetrated her face and neck."However, the wound was not deep, and Park Geun -hye did not fall on the spot.She later underwent 3 hours of surgery and sewed 60 shots.

Chi Zhonghao had a criminal record of beating and attacking politicians.He later confessed that his criminal motivation was to "make a big event" and had no personal grievances with Park Geun -hye.He was later sentenced to ten years of imprisonment.On the other hand, there are also precedents for supporters to "hate from love".In 2018, when a conservative camp member Jin Chengtai conducted a hunger strike, he was punched by a man who claimed to be his supporters.

Li Xiujing pointed out that what is really terrible is that the reason why this terrorist attack occurred was because the current Korean society was filled with a "unwilling atmosphere of politics".Hong Junyi, the leader of the conservative camp and the current mayor of Daegu Guangdou City, even more bluntly: "From the first day of the New Year, we have opened the hate political era of His hatred of President Li." 

On January 2nd, in Busan, South Korea, after Li Zaiming was attacked, his left neck was injured and bleeding fell to the ground.Photo/Visual China


In addition to the mystery of the attacker's motivation, the second question of South Korean public opinion is: Why did the police fail to discover the threat in time when the attacker had a premeditated and active action to prevent the tragedy from happening?

On the morning of January 2nd, when Jin launched a "close attack" to Li Zaiming, about 50 police officers from the Jiangxi Police Department of Busan were at the scene.However, these policemen are not the security defense team equipped by South Korean police for Li Zaiming. Its main functions are to guide people's flow, manage traffic, and respond to general emergencies.Yonhap News Agency said that because the attacker wore a hat and headband "supporting Li Zaiming", he "was mistaken for supporters and was not identified as dangerous figures in advance."

What matters to the snow is that the local government has not prepared emergency vehicles for political activities for high -level figures.At 10:40 am on January 2nd, 13 minutes after receiving the police, the first ambulance was late.But this is a forest ambulance that cannot transport patients. Medical staff can only be first aid at the scene until another ambulance arrives 10 minutes later.

The reporter at the scene recorded a scene that shocked the public: During the waiting for more than 20 minutes, the common Democratic officials panicked with paper towels and handkerchiefs to stop bleeding on the ground."When the ambulance arrives at the scene?" "Is there a doctor and a nurse?" Emergency shouts.

How did this absurd scene happen?According to the Yonhap News Agency, in general, considering that the risk level is low, South Korean police will not set up separate security teams for the main politicians outside the president.Only during the legal formal campaign (starting on the 14th before the election) can the police establish a "special protection team" for the main politicians including Li Zaiming, and provide about a hundred experienced security police officers.

"In Korean political culture, contact with voters is very important, so politicians have not wanted to protect themselves too much." Quan Zhizhi explained to China News Weekly, because of thisAfter Park Geun -hye's attack in 2006, Congress failed to strengthen the security of politicians.

This year, Li Zaiming enjoyed the start date of the personal security of the personal security on March 28.But the reality is that politicians will begin political rally and tour lectures before the formal campaign date.At the same time as Li was assassinated, Han Dongxun, the main leader of the National Power Party of the ruling party, began the election campaign in the conservative camp.Han Dongxun, who had just stepped down as the Minister of Legal Affairs, changed his gentle and elegant image and jumped to the chair to say hello to the supporters, and there was no security for security.

However, Li Zaiming, Han Dongxun and others should be better protected by the South Korean police.In 2022, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated while attending street political activities.Since then, the police in many countries have increased security measures for current and former political leaders.

At noon on January 2nd, Yin Xigen, director of the South Korean Police Department, said that the Busan Police had been instructed to set up an investigation headquarters to conduct in -depth investigations on the case.Yin Xigen also said that the police will immediately strengthen the personal security of "key personnel" and "prevent similar cases from happening again."On the same day, the Daqiu Police Department sent 240 police security officers to Han Dongxun, while Han Dongxun directly canceled his follow -up itinerary in Daegu.

Yin Xigen was appointed as the highest person in charge of the South Korean police by President Yin Xiyue in August 2022.At that time, his nominated hearing was not approved by Congress, and Yin Xiyue was appointed directly on the grounds of "the head of the national public security".At the end of 2022, Yin Xigen was criticized for public opinion because of his poor handling in the Ertai Academy in Seoul.He bowed and apologized, but did not resign.

Blessed due to disaster?

Candidly condemned the attacker, blessed Li Zaiming to restore his health, and became a unanimous statement on January 2nd in South Korea.Yin Xiyue, who is considered to be trying to "send it into prison", said: "Under what the case, Korean society must not tolerate similar violence."Unified instructions: "Except the" Hope Lee's recovery ", don't make unnecessary remarks."

What is more concerned about public opinion is the attitude of two political figures in the progressive camp.Former President Wen Zaiyin said "this is an unforgivable terrorist act." Former prime minister Li Luoyuan also said that "unable to suppress his inner shock and anger."Li Luoyuan also announced at the same time: The plan that was originally scheduled to be released in the first week of 2024, the plan to depart from the common Democratic Party and the new party for the new party will be "temporarily put on hold."

Four months ago, Li Zaiming's 24 -day breakter and the replacement of the common Democratic leadership did not prevent the Korean progress camp from further split in recent months.On December 30, 2023, the last working day of Li Zai Ming's last year was spent together with Li Luoyuan in a restaurant in Seoul.After Li Luoyuan released the news of "Independent Party in 2024", the two progressive camp leaders had a private talks, seeking the possibility of establishing a "temporary co -leader" in the new year.

Sources of both sides said that the "year -end talks" failed to dispel the difference. Li Zaiming asked Li Luoyuan not to divide the party, while Li Luoyuan asked Li Zaiming to resign before the election, but neither party agreed to each other.

In this case, Li Zaiming plans to go to Pingshan Village, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City, Liangshan City.This is also the first time that Wen Zaiyin visited Li Zaiming in September 2023, the two met for the first time for political affairs.

In South Korea's history, the division and change of the party in the conservative camp and the progressive camp are normal.In the presidential election in 2022, Li Zaiming, who appeared with the face of "Progressive Camp Trump", criticized Wen Zaiyin a lot, which also became the reason for the "anti" party in Li Luoyuan and other party.

But unlike tradition: From the preliminary election, the 2022 election is a election campaign that has discredited other opponents "omnipotent", which is regarded by international public opinion as the "lower limit" of South Korean politics.Before the election in March 2022, Song Yongji, then the first Democratic Party, was even hit by a 70 -year -old man with a hammer when Li Zaidu was elected.

Fighting continued until 2023, the confrontation within the common Democratic Party has become more violent. Some radical Li Zaiming supporters even organize the actions such as throwing eggs and SMS bombing intimidation.At the same time, the Yin Xiyue government "does not regard Li Zaiming as a national government partner, but is regarded as the object of prosecution."

Is Li Zaiming's bleeding fell to the ground?The power of the internal struggle of the progressive camp frankly said frankly that things will not be so simple."I think Li Luoyuan's independent party -founding operation will continue, not affected by this incident." He said, "Politics is the principle of" supply and demand ", Li Luoyuan gathers many people with election needs. If there is demand, just, you can just have needs.There is a promotion of the party. "

On the evening of January 2nd, sources close to Li Luoyuan had stated that Li Luoyuan's "running" plan was not canceled, but the current timetable was "flexible."On the other hand, the "Ting Ming School" council raised unity to whether it was moral height. It was determined that "it is impossible for the division to build the party."

After Li was assassinated, the co -Democratic member An Minxi said that he recently received a threat of death.He believes that all politicians must start "despair reflection".The Yonhap News Agency also published the editorial that the current situation of South Korean political circles "framed and divided opponents, and camp politics was pushed to extremes."Politicians' violence will happen again. "

This editorial also called on the politics not to have extreme conflicts and confrontations to avoid creating another tragedy. The South Korean people "must calmly express their opinions through votes."However, from the perspective of all parties, the fighting inside and outside the camp will not disappear.Li Zaiming's political life has not yet survived "life and death".


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