70 idioms and English expressions in English

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  [70 idioms,惊爆资讯 English expressions] 1. Gold can't be pure and man -t be perfect2.After the scarred, I forgot to ONCE on Shore, One Prays No More4. It's too late to going too far is as aS not going faring far. LE5. Kung Fu is worthyTo him who waits6. LTH9.too old to leocn10. Not blame Let Bygones be bygones11. Treasures Fill The Home13.. Step on the two boats on the fence15. The gentleman's intercourse is as light as the water. d, cliché17.Don't be afraid to burn when there is life, there is hope19. Matto successful Achieve Immediate Victory; Win Instant Success 20. nlightned

  22. No rules are not round

  Nothing can be accomplished with norms or state

  23. Every time the festival is thoughtful

  On Festive Occasions More than Ever One Thinks of One's Far Away It is on the Festival Occasions when Misses His Dear Most

  24. Thoughts in people are in the sky

  The Planning Lies With Man, The Outcom with Heaven Man Proposes, God Disposes

  25. Make it clumsy

  be too smart by half;

  26. Has a good show


  27. Layoning the wife and folding the soldiers

  Throw Good Money after Bad


  a model to induce Others to come forward with valuable Contributions;

  29. Breaking the boat

  Cut off all means of Retreat; Burn One ‘s own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end

  30. Grab the opportunity

  take the premptive oppointunities

  31. The clever woman is difficult to cook without rice

  If you have no hand you can'T make a found one can'T make bricks withtraw


  a thousand-li Journey Begins with the First Step-The Highest Eiminence is to be gained step by step by

  33. Do not forget the teacher of the past

  Past Experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future

  34. Previous people planted trees

  One Generation Plants The Trees in Whose Shade Another Generation RESTS One SOWS and Another Reaps

  35. I am afraid of the wolf before

  Fear the Wolf in Front and the Tiger Behind HeSITE IN Doing Something

  36. Strong dragon is difficult to press the ground snake

  Even A Dragon (from the Outside) Finds It Hard to Control A Snake in ITS OLD Haunt-PowerFul Outsiders Can Hardly Afford to NEGLECT LOCAL BULLIES

  37. Strong and strong

  win-win co-option

  38. Rui Xuezhaofeng

  A timely snow promises a good harvest

  39. The first nature of people

  Man's nature at bigh is good

  40. Everyone is in a happy event.

  Joy puts heart into a man

  41. Human sea tactics

  Huge-Crowd Strategy

  42. Nothing in the world as long as you are willing to climb

  Where there is a will, there is a way

  43. Xanadu

  a fictious land of people away from the turmoil of the world;

  44. After death

  unil my heart stops beating

  45. Ping An of the year

  Peace all year rand

  46. There is a paradise and Suzhou and Hangzhou

  Just as there are paradise in heaven, there are sunge and haangzhou on ear

  47. Saweng lost his horse and knows not blessing

  MISFORTUNE May Be An Actual Blessing

  48. Thirty stand standing

  A man Should be independent at the aging of thirty at her, a man Should be able to think for his

  49. Upgrade

  Updating and upGrading (of Products)

  50. Forty are not confused

  Live begins at Forty


  Such kindness of warm sun, can'T be repaid by grass

  52. The water rises

  When the river rises, The Boat Floats High

  53. Don't wait time

  Time and Tide Wait for No Man

  54. Picking chicken with a cattle knife

  BREAK a Butterfly on the Wheel

  55. Seeking truth from facts

  Seek Truth From Facts; Be Practical and Realistic; Be True to FACTS

  56. Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrives

  Talk of the devil and he comes

  57. To be honest

  speak the play truth; call a spade a spade; tell it as it is

  58. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth

  Practice is the sole criterion for testing true

  59. The mountain is not high, and the name of the immortal

  No matched how high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairry

  60. Together

  Hide One's Capacities and Bide One's time

  61. Sugar and clothing shells

  sugar-coated bullets

  62. Unexpectedly the wind and cloud

  Anything unexpected May happy a bolt from the block

  63. Unity is strength

  Unity is stream

  64. "Jump into the Yellow River can't wash clear"

  'Eve if one jumped into the YELLOW RIVER, One Can not Wash OneSelf Clean-THERE's Nothing One Do to Clear One's name'

  65. Crooked wind evil gas

  Unhealthy Practices and Evil Phenomena

  66. Gathering things, people are divided into groups

  Birds of a feather flow together

  67. The past is like wind

  The Past Has Vanished (from Memory) like wind; what in pas, is pas,

  68. Wangzi Jackie Chan

  HOLD HOLD HOPES for One's Child

  69. The house leaks and the rain every time

  MisforTunes Never Come Singly When it rains it post

  70. Water without water, no wooden wood

  Water Without a Source, and a tree wiithout roots


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