500 billion!Guoshou Investment Company's high -quality development will go to a new level

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Recently,热点新闻 China Life Investment Corporation's management assets have exceeded 500 billion yuan.This is after the ranks of 400 billion yuan in November 2022 and the ranks of large insurance asset management companies, the company's high -quality development has reached a new level and continued to lead the domestic alternative investment insurance asset management industry.

As a professional alternative investment management platform under China Life Group, Guoshou Investment Company fully promotes the decision -making of the Party Central Committee on financial work.The road to speed up the construction of first -class alternative investment insurance asset management companies.As of now, the company has signed a total of over 780 billion yuan, and the size of assets has exceeded 500 billion yuan.In 2023, the registered scale of the new product exceeded 67 billion yuan, ranking first echelon in the industry; the annual number of newly added funds exceeded 90 billion yuan; third -party businesses grew rapidly, and third -party funds cumulatively in the pipeline scale of nearly 90 billion yuan.

In recent years, in the face of the challenges of the economic situation at home and abroad, Guoshou Investment Corporation has always been thinking about "the country of the country", with "serving the national strategy, serving the real economy, and serving the social livelihood" as its own responsibility.Political nature, ensuring the people's nature, improvement of professionalism, and continuously strengthen the construction of core capabilities.

Adhere to innovation drive to stimulate the motivation of high -quality development

Increase financial supply and product innovation, increase support for the real economy, innovate investment models and product tools, and continuously improve professional value creation in the modern financial system with Chinese characteristics.Increasing the influence of the market market in solidarity, the scale of debt investment plans and project asset support planned investment continued to increase.In 2022, the number of new product registrations exceeded 110 billion yuan, ranking second in the industry.Innovate the "Equity Investment Plan+Fund" and other models, and actively optimize growth asset investment.Focus on innovative fields such as inclusive finance and special opportunities, and comprehensively use market -oriented and professional means such as rights, exploits, solidaries+solidaries+solidaries.

Guoshou Investment-Ruili Integration Equity Investment Plan, Guoshou Investment-First Travel Global Credit Investment Plan (Phase I), Guoshou Investment-Xiamen Jianfa Infrastructure Credit Investment Plan and other projects in the 5th insurance asset management product innovation promotionNuzhe won 11 honors: China General Project, the first pioneering project, etc. to create the first order in many industries; green investment projects such as double carbon funds, Phoenix qi, and green equity plan;Equity plans and other projects have been widely recognized.

Adhere to the customer as the center to improve the level of comprehensive financial services

Under the comprehensive management structure of China Life, we have continuously enriched the product supply system, build a professional customer service system, accurately insight into customer needs, and continuously improve customer satisfaction and sense of gain.Optimize customer -centric marketing and service systems, increase high -quality customer expansion, strengthen project coordinated advancement, further build the company's core customer base and strategic customer base, and continue to broaden the channels for insurance use.Adhere to research -driven and strengthen the construction and application of the CRM system.Continue to increase the expansion of third -party businesses, and third -party businesses account for more than 40%of the annual capital contribution scale.Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of China Life, expand the "circle of friends" in cooperation, actively carry out business docking and product services, and actively promote the implementation of the project.

Adhere to the party management talents to strengthen the construction of professional teams

The company insists that talents are the first resources and continuously explore the construction of talent teams that match the world's first -class.Highlight the guidance of value contribution and performance contribution, continuously introduce high -quality talents, and continue to build professional, market -oriented, and internationalized multifunctional and full -process investment teams.Continue to enhance the "political three forces" of leading cadres, and build a loyal, clean, and responsible team of talents.Strengthen the development and training of professional and talent, promote professional organizations, and have professional committees such as investment decisions, product management, project review, ESG, customer marketing and comprehensive finance under management to provide decision -making assistance and improve operating efficiency.

Adhere to the empowerment of technology to promote digital transformation

The construction of the "1+N" alternative investment system group has formed a comprehensive digital platform with an alternative investment management platform as the core and consisting of eight systems such as CITIC, investment research, CRM, and risk control.The connectivity industry association, custodian bank, commissioner and other systems have built non -standard investment ecological management circles covering the entire process of pre -investment, middle, and post -investment.Establish an alternative investment data standard to improve the data governance capacity. In 2023, the DCMM stable level (third level) bidding was passed to be the first in the insurance asset management industry.In -depth research and application of fintech research and application, 21 items of landing are achieved, and 22 computer software copyrights and 2 invention patents have been obtained.

Adhere to the risk bottom line to improve the risk control management system

Risk prevention and control is the eternal theme of financial work.Based on the principles of "safety first", the company has established a professional, leading and pragmatic multi -level risk management system to cover comprehensive risk management.Continuously improve the active risk management capabilities of science and technology to empower risk control and use risk control to enable investment, continue to improve the risk control management system, and achieve early recognition, early warning, early exposure, and early disposal of risks.The establishment of an alternative investment business risk appetite system has been established. From the three levels of risk preferences, risk tolerance and risk limit, the overall goal of the company's risk management is clear, and various risks are comprehensively monitored and systematically monitored.Establish a professional risk management information system, organically integrate with the risk appetite system, improve the timeliness and effectiveness of risk recognition and evaluation, and provide scientific and technological empowerment for company risk management.

Sixteen years, the journey is 500 billion yuan, and the towering Xiongguan climb again


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