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Ten actions are effective

Tianjin North Network News:When a gorgeous dragon jumped to the horizon,突发新闻 from the Tianjin Port, which is thousands of miles to the vibrant Haihe River, from the five avenues of the arts and arts to the northwest corner of the fireworks, the hot soil of the Bohai Sea has risen, and it has risen.Thousands of meters of development.

Climbing to a higher place, the city is full of energy and unhappy.The implementation of the "ten actions" to promote high -quality development is an important starting point for promoting the study and implementation of the 20th major spiritual action of the party.Deeply understand and practice the "ten actions". The city's development logic is clearer and more powerful & mdash; & mdash;

The collaborative flowers make the fruitful fruit.The coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei is a major national strategy. "Promoting the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei to take a deeper action" is the first of the "ten actions".Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei joined hands to create a "advanced zone and demonstration area for modern construction of Chinese -style", and the magnificent blueprints are slowly spreading.Looking at the 10.3 square kilometers of Tianjin Binhai & MDASH; Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, this coordinated development "test field" is becoming a "high -yield field". At present, more than 4,700 registered companies have been registered, and more than 900 Beijing technology companies have provided scientific and technological innovation and application scenarios.support.This is a microcosm of Tianjin's promoting coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei.

Firmly do a real and stronger real economy.High -quality development actions of manufacturing, integration of Hong Kong production and city, and high -quality development support in Binhai New District Leading Action & Hellip; & Hellip; Grasp the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in one hand, grasp the development of strategic emerging industries in one hand, and promote the manufacturing industry to accelerate digitalization and networks to digitalization and networks.Development and intelligent development, improve the stability and modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain.The key industry chain is extending to high -end and extension to the cluster. The rising and growing industrial cluster of characteristic and advantageous industries is being activated, incremental cultivation is increasing, and quality is increasing.The guidance of "relying on the real economy to the future" is becoming clearer in the practice of high -quality development.

Confidence is condensed in the exploration of inspiring innovation.The weight of "innovation" is reflected in the actions of the strong and strong city of science and education, and it is also manifested in the process of high -quality development in the manufacturing industry.At the end of the year, the staff of the Haihe Laboratory was nervous and busy, "the talent policy and the independent and flexible scientific research organizations have given young scientific researchers more autonomy."Qianjia Science and Technology Enterprise "Building the Nests", technology+industry+talents, add productivity and competitiveness.

& hellip; & hellip;

The "Ten Actions" are effective, and the backbone is reflected in the improvement of quality, and the entity of the effect is in specific practice.Looking at the development of a city, it depends on the current long -term.Looking at the general trend, at the moment of accelerating the formation of new quality productivity, new momentum is gathered, new growth points are developing, and the motivation of "entering" is more powerful.It turns out that the development is not a calm horse, nor the enjoyment of the applause in the applause of flowers. It is necessary to break through the difficulties, climb the steep slope, and involve the beach, testing our determination, will, and courage.

In 2024, the new year, new opportunities, new test rooms, how can we hand over the new answer sheet of "ten actions"?

A dry word, the top of power."As long as it is recognized, it is the right thing, and it will work hard and persevere. It will never be abandoned halfway.Opportunities will not take the initiative to enter the "door", but to rely on fighting and grasping, by active battle, and fighting.

Do it, work hard on the survival stock.The stock is basic.A solid development of the "ten actions" of high -quality development is an important direction is to use good advantages.Tianjin has resource endowments such as location, science and education, ports, industries, historical and cultural, etc. This is an important support for our promotion of high -quality development.To make good use of the stock, live because of the plate, effective, grasp the efficiency and increase the increase, which must have clear ideas, but also take the initiative.

Dry, see the effectiveness in cultivating increment.Increment is the future.Whether it is scientific and technological innovation or industry renewal, the new place is the growth point, that is, productivity, and a powerful engine that urges the development of development.From 0 to 1, from 1 to N, it is impossible to possible. What is needed is not only the style of dryness, but also the spirit of creativity and spirit, and injecting continuous dynamic vitality into the economic development.

Following the logic of high -quality development, growing strength in the hard work, and stimulating vitality in reform and innovation. We are a new spring in front of us.


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