A brain -open science and technology festival: Chuanyi teenagers bravely break through the scientific world to play new tricks

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Science and technology ignite dreams and empower students' growth.In order to further spread the scientific thought,重大事件 promote the scientific spirit, improve the scientific and cultural literacy of students, and cultivate the innovative spirit and practical ability, on December 8, Chuanyi Primary School held the 10th Science and Technology Festival with the theme of "Building Dream Aerospace Science and Technology"At the opening ceremony, all the teachers and students opened a fun scientific and technological exploration journey with enthusiasm.

Small hands show great magical powers

Many "famous scenes" hit

 In the context of "double new" and "double reduction", science and technology education has greatly enriched the students' extra -curricular life, and guided and stimulated the curiosity and imagination of the majority of young people to have more interest in science.Students' innovation ability and feel the unique charm of scientific and technological education, thereby enhancing the scientific literacy of young people.

From "Shenzhou" to "Chang'e" to "Tiangong", from unmanned to manned, from Feitian Mengyuan to outside the cabin, from heaven and earth to the astronauts to stay ... China ’s space career is fruitful, rightString towards the aerospace power.It is understood that the school's current science and technology festival is based on learning and showing the knowledge of aerospace science and technology. It is hoped that through various forms of scientific and technological activities, the atmosphere of scientific and technological education in schools is created, and students' interest in exploring science will be stimulated.Ability to enhance our awareness of respect and science.

Scientific performance show.Photo by Li Xiaohui

The eight major planet models, aerospace models, globe models ... At the opening ceremony, Chuanyi teenagers showed the audience a rich and interesting scientific performance show, allowing the teachers and students to experience the charm of scientific and technological innovation at the time.The audience sounded thunderous applause.

The science and technology festival is a class of innovation, and the science and technology festival is the stage of dreams.

In order to popularize scientific and technological knowledge, advocate scientific methods, spread scientific ideas, and promote the scientific spirit to all students, scientific teachers of Chuanyi Elementary School have brought scientific experiments to the podium.Stimulate children's curiosity and curiosity about the surrounding world, and cultivate their bold imagination and courage to innovate the spirit and practical ability of innovation.

Scientific experimental performance.Photo by Li Xiaohui

After the opening ceremony, a carefully prepared scientific and technological experience activity was full of fun.Not only did the creative works of all grades on campus, but also the fun experience projects prepared by scientific teachers, but also the aerospace theme exhibition and artificial intelligence interactive experience brought by the youth activity center ...In the event, use enthusiasm, vitality, cleverness, and intelligence on the stage of science and technology; use wisdom brains and smart hands to create, invent, and explore the mystery of knowledge, and climb the peak of science.

Experience activities.Photo by Li Xiaohui
Experience activities.Photo by Li Xiaohui

Light on campus technology dream

Take a good road for technology innovation and innovation

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that education, science and technology, and talents are the basic and strategic support of comprehensively building socialist modern countries.It is necessary to adhere to technology as the first productive forces, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first driving force, in -depth implementation of the strategy of science and education, the strategy of talents, and the development of innovation -driven development, open up and develop new fields and new tracks, and continuously shape new development and development of new and new advantages of development.Essence

Wang Feng, vice president of Chuanyi Elementary School, hoped that the students took this activity as an opportunity to learn more about cultural knowledge and lay a solid foundation for learning.Further establish a scientific ideal in future learning and growth, form a scientific attitude, develop scientific habits, and become a generation of newcomers with existing scientific knowledge and scientific and practical ability.

Wang Feng, vice president of Chuanyi Elementary School, delivered a speech.Photo by Li Xiaohui

The development of various activities of the science and technology festival is an extension of education and teaching in various disciplines in the school, and it is an important part of practical courses.

For a long time, Chuanyi Elementary School has adhered to a rich and diverse scientific and technological activities courses, promoting the "double new" and "double reduction" campus to meet the diverse interest needs of students, and create a platform for students' personality development.


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