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        Thebreaking news market continues to adjust, and some weights in the Chinese characters are performed with some defensive sectors, but these sectors may not necessarily continue. For two consecutive days, we have to do mainstream or even empty positions such as reducing positions.The new direction of the incorporation and the index can resonate. It is normal for the small -cap stocks to kill.Constantly accumulate.

        The shared individual stocks have given notes. The GEM requires a large market capacity and the plate continues to enter. It can be written by itself. Alto Electronics has also said that the main force of this stock has always been a large fluctuations in T.Whether or not to turn down and kill too much, but you ca n’t enter too much, and the sector leader Yashi Optoelectronics is also broken, new energy, Qingyuan shares are broken, so even if you suck on Tuesday, today ’s environment plus the leader of the section of the section.The broken plate is also out first. Baili Electric is also the same. Yesterday, it took a low suction, and it still opened today. The 6 Yang war method should be impacted today, but the continuous low opening is already the main force to do moreThe signal of the morning should be cleared in the morning to clear the hedge yesterday, so these things have been shared with teaching before. To make a ticket, you need to know what the logic of his rise is.Looking at the collection bidding, I have always said that the same stock, you will make money if you play if you play. This is the operating consciousness in extreme environments.After watching the reply, the raw faces of eating meat and eating meat for several months have jumped out for a few months. When eating meat, I ca n’t see it. I ca n’t expect that I do n’t understand the language of the disk.It is impossible to think that you have to take care of his son every day and think that you have to take care of his son, so now there are powerful anchors who never say that any internal stocks inside them. If you want to see itIn this way, it is used to be used to it, and you will not observe that you still lose money if you buy it without your brain.The essence of the excavation of the first board is that the concept of the subject matter is tested in the prediction. The second is to see the dragon head digging up. The game is Jackie Chan and even the card.Many people do not have a daily limit for a few months, so the code is available, no tracking guidance, and the basic work does not work. This kind of environment is normal for money. That's it.


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