The sword refers to China, the hostile is raging!Within 24 hours, the United States has issued three threats to China successively

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The United States publicly adopted the draft of the Taiwan Military Affairs and Congress and Campbell, and Campbell did not recognize the invitation to the Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachao to participate in the APEC Summit.

On December 7, the United States issued three threats to China within one day. The United States is hostile, and Sino -US relations may be more complicated in the future.

Public aid against Taiwan in the United States

On December 7, the military committee of the two houses of the United States passed a 2024 National Defense Authorization Act of $ 900 billion.

This national defense authorization bill is passed every year to ensure the payment of funds in the coming year, but this year's bills are different.

It not only involves a budget of $ 900 billion, but also emphasizes the training of the army in the Taiwan region and other mechanism and institutional support, which is unprecedented in the past.

We know that since the Cold War, especially in the past five or six years, various geographical strategy duels between China and the United States have become more frequent.

In order to curb the rise of China and prevent China's unity, the United States has always ignored the Chinese warning and sold in Taiwan.

But now, the US approach has surpassed simple military sales, and has made progress to military assistance to Taiwan.

The National Defense Authorization Law in 2024 clearly states that in addition to training the Taiwan army, it will also strengthen the construction of institutions and systems.

The U.S. Congress will approve part of the funds, on the one hand, it is used to sell weapons to Taiwan for the production of weapons, and on the other hand, it is directly applied to Taiwan for purchasing American weapons.

The meaning inside is obviously more dangerous.

"National Defense Industry Strategy" draft

The second threat of the United States comes from the draft of the National Defense Industry Strategy.

It is reported that on December 7, the United States has passed a draft of the "National Defense Industry Strategy". This draft is mainly focused on the next three to five years, and the main target is China.

In other words, once the United States starts war with China, the United States needs to use various domestic forces to establish a arsenal similar to World War II.

The United States regards China as Germany of that year. It wants to defeat China and engage in soldiers all the people like that year.

In addition, in order to achieve this goal, the United States has clarified the four major elements in the draft of the Defense Industry Strategy.

The first is to establish a comprehensive and tough supply chain to ensure the stable supply of economic economy during the war.

The second is to ensure enough labor.

The third is to achieve a highly flexible acquisition system so that the state can flexibly acquire private enterprises that help military -civilian integration and war economy.

The last is to ensure a fair and effective market mechanism.

Of course, to put these four elements into the facts, the blessing of the dollar is indispensable. It is understood that the first fund has been determined at a $ 50 billion.

You know, the entire national defense authorization bill in the United States in 2024 was only 900 billion US dollars. Now, the implementation of the first money of the "Defense Industry Strategy" is $ 50 billion, which shows that the United States attaches great importance to this.

At present, the goal of the first 50 billion US dollars of funds has also been determined. It mainly builds the national infrastructure, that is, the establishment of a democratic arsenal factory that is conducive to the Chinese war.

In addition, the United States has also been listed on the goals. The first step is to target China and the second step against China, Russia and Iraq.

The United States has always regarded China as the biggest threat, and it is well understood for China. So why is the United States targeting China and Russia.

This may not be related to domestic eagleons.

In fact, in recent years, the eagle view has successfully penetrated into the American elite and decision -making class, and the United States' strategy to China has become increasingly radical.

In this case, the United States believes that the separation of China and Russia will affect their respective areas, unite, and affect the situation in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.The second step of its "Defense Industry Strategy".

It is worth noting that the United States' "Defense Industry Strategy" in the United States will soon spread to other Western countries, which is extremely dangerous.

Campbell denied inviting Li Jiachao

Of course, in addition to the above two strategies for the Chinese side, on December 7, a word of Kondte Campbell at the senator's hearing even directly shows the hostility of the United States to China.

Currente Campbell dealt with China all year round. He was previously an assistant Secretary of State in the United States in charge of East Asian affairs. Later, he was appointed as a harmonious official in Indo -Pacific Affairs. Now Biden nominated him as an American executive Deputy Secretary of State.

It can be seen that Biden attaches great importance to him, and Currente Campbell is also actively performing.

At the Senator Hearing, in response to the questioning of everyone in the work of Biden's government, Currente Campbell emphasized that when it was not disappointed at all, instead, we should be inspired. After all, in the past few years, our work has done well.

Next, Currente Campbell will summarize the Chinese siege incident after taking office and talk about the cooperation between the United States and Japan and South Korea.

It stands to reason that this pair of senators has explained it. Who knows, Currente Campbell has led the topic to Hong Kong.

As we all know, the United States has officially canceled Hong Kong's exemption in the US trade representative some time ago, and the just -concluded APEC summit, Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachao did not participate.

This current response is actually given face to the United States.

Unexpectedly, the United States does not want.Currente Campbell publicly denied his previous speech and said at the hearing that he had never invited Hong Kong and did not welcome Li Jiachao.

This kind of speech is extremely disrespectful to the Chinese side.

Judging from the three malicious threats issued by China within the United States one day, the United States' hostility to China cannot be covered. It is foreseeable that in the future, Sino -US relations will be more complicated.

This is a challenge to China, and China should be vigilant about this.

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