Shaoxing Yuecheng: "Three Reforms and One Demolition" Huimin Life Beautiful Yuecheng Exhibition's new appearance

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  Zhejiang Online December 7th (Correspondent Jin Ma Xinyue) In 2013,News Express a "change and one demolition" operation that demolished illegal buildings, reshaped the urban and rural environment, and created the beautiful Yuecheng was launched in ancient times.

  In the past ten years, as the main battlefield of Shaoxing's main urban area, the "three reforms and one demolition" office of Yuecheng District has really grasped hard work, overcome difficulties, courage to be pioneers, and innovative measures.Public space is returned, and old houses are reorganized ...

  Ten years of journey, live up to expectations.The countryside is more beautiful, the urban roads are more spacious, and the quality of life of residents has improved. A beautiful picture of the city has begun.

  Create "dirty, chaotic, poor" to create a beautiful and livable living environment

  "In the past, there were vegetables, garbage stacked, and some illegal construction. The environment was too bad." Said residents who lived in Chang'an Experimental Middle School, Changzhi Street, Yuecheng District.After being converted into a parking lot, it not only solved the problem of difficulty parking for parents, but also improved the living environment of the surrounding residents.

  There are many transformations like this. There are still many. The east night stalls of Diyang Street are originally a lively supper. The nature of the house is temporary building. Due to the large number of operators in the night file, the people's flow increases., Noise to disturb the people's livelihood issues.Later, combined with the construction of the "Beauty Demonstration Street" of Xixi Road, the night stalls were transformed into modern parking lots, solving the problem of parking difficulties around the people, and truly returning to the people and benefiting the people.Now the typical "city lake" in Shuicheng -Di Di Lake Park was originally the place where the "two villages and one residence" of the "two villages and one residence" in the innovation, Tangwan, and Wakaya head. At that time, the surface pollution was very serious.After demolition and modification, it has now been built into a scenic spot that integrates water conservancy and leisure, and a Shaoxing first lake tunnel of about 2.2 kilometers long has been built to effectively alleviate the pressure of north and south traffic ... Disassemble a illegal building, and the land of the United States.The dividends brought to the masses today are clearly visible.

  "Demolition of the Old and Welcome" City butterfly becomes blooming

  In Yubu, Yuecheng District, the once lonely Tian Yan became a large brand of new factories. A wide river on both sides of the river was the factories of SMIC Integration and Changdian Shaoxing.The SMIC Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (Shaoxing) project has a land for 207.6 acres, and 146,500 square meters of factory buildings were newly built.The total planned area of Changdian Integrated Circuit (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd. has a total planned area of 228 acres, which further optimizes the industrial structure, accelerate the introduction of high -end talents, enhances comprehensive competitiveness, and helps the development of Shaoxing integrated circuit industry.On the other hand, the first commercial complexes of Yingbu have also opened. This year, the Marriott Ainer Hotel has been built. At present, there are also Tianzhang East Mansion under construction ... These are the results brought about by the transformation of the village in the city.It can be seen that the supporting facilities in the streets of Jobu are undergoing the transformation from "town" to "city".

  Cheng Gu continues to be new, and the cultural tourism is combined with the "new chapter" of the ancient city

  "Vietnamese wine is better, Dongpu wine is better." Shaoxing rice wine town is the festive place of Shaoxing rice wine.In 2020, Yuecheng District launched the renovation (renovation) and environmental improvement project of Dongpu Ancient Town (rice wine town), which levied 1,300 houses, with a total acquisition area of about 185,500 square meters, and 27,700 square meters of illegal buildings.Today, through the repairs of the old as the old, the demolition of the building, the rice wine town has repaired the traditional building complex and the ancient theaters, and the new smart parking lot has been built.Wedding, water curtain light show ...

  Follow the historical district of West Xiaolu from the south to the north. At the end of the road, a prince bridge stands above the West Xiaohe River.This "prince" is Wang Yangming, who was originally living nearby.

  The comprehensive protection project of Yangming's hometown has preserved historical relics such as Bofu Dabutou, Shifang residues, Shimen frames, and drinking pavilions. Wang Yangming's former residence was rebuilt, and Wang Yangming Memorial Hall and Yangming Plaza were newly built to maximize the true nature of history.In addition, Yuecheng District has created a number of high -quality homestay hotels by collecting old and old buildings and old buildings on the surrounding area; the original old houses were repaired, the facade of the old house was repaired,A new space of comprehensive cultural and artistic display with the core of the Ming Dynasty and the integration of residents and residents.

  Disassembling is a means, changing is the purpose, and the result is the result.Yuecheng District will continue to combine the transformation of the villages in the city, the old factories, and the old residential houses to carry out illegal building rectification work according to local conditions to promote the promotion and reform and comprehensively enhance the appearance of Vietnam.


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